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The shopping cart will be dropped in XIVDB v3, for more information, click here for more information.

I recommend using: FFXIV Team-Craft as a replacement, it is better, cleaner and bares a great developer!

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The wardrobe/gearset tool will be dropped in XIVDB v3, for more information, click here for more information.

I recommend using: Ariyala Toolkit as a replacement.

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Chocobo Saddlebags
The chocobo saddlebags menu will be added to the main command menu. Chocobo saddlebags can be accessed even if you don't call your companion out. You may also access the chocobo saddlebags when you have your retainers out and transfer items between the retainers inventory and saddlebag as well.

Q: I'd like to see which items can be stored in the armoire, or can be purchased from the Calamity Salvager on the item description by default.

A: This has been mentioned before, and we're looking into this so that it can be implemented.

Subaquatic Voyages
You can partake in subaquatic voyages even if you haven't built any airships for use in airship voyages. There are items and minions which can only be obtained from the subaquatic voyages as well.

Rival Wings
We're planning to make adjustments to things like the effects that claiming the center area has, mammets, and range of the steam cannons.

Updates on Disciples of Hand/Land Gear
We're planning to do this in the next patch. New exchangeable items will be added, but there won't be any gear update for those currently using the melded Ala Mhigan gear.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI Update Thread


Glamour Updates
* We showcased gameplay of the glamour updates.
  • Calamity Salvager
    You'll be able to repurchase a wide variety of items from the Calamity Salvager, so be sure to take advantage of this.

  • Armoire
    We have made it so items such as the maid and butler outfits can be stored in the armoire. We recommend storing any items that can be stored in armoire.

  • Glamour Dressers
    These new dressers will be placed inside inn rooms. Players will select items from their inventory and Armoury chest, and use glamour prisms to convert and store them into the glamour dresser. These items will become unavailable as a normal item to equip, but can be used for glamour.

  • Glamour Ensembles
    Players are able to edit 10 glamour ensembles freely. By selecting the body section, any body gear item which has been converted to glamour will be displayed. By selecting the armoire option, players will be able to select items from the armoire to be added to the glamour ensembles. By leaving the weapon part blank, the ensemble can be applied to any job, or you can set a weapon to make it job specific. Items that cannot be glamoured onto a specific part will display an error message. Selecting the apply button will apply the glamour assigned to the ensemble to your character. In the future, we're thinking of a system where you can assign glamour ensemble number to a gear set. *You can use macros in Patch 4.2 to accomplish this.

    Glamour ensembles can be used in city-states, Gold Saucer, Inn rooms, and the Ivory Chapel.

    You can also apply different color dyes to the 10 glamour ensembles.

    In the future, we're also planning to be able to apply the glamour ensembles to members of your adventurer squadron.

    For Fashion Report, the equipment you have on at the time will be checked, so it can be checked based on the glamour you have applied.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI Update Thread


The Feast Updates
  • New map: Crystal Tower Training Grounds
    We created this with a very FINAL FANTASY-feeling featuring chocobos and moogles in order to showcase what FFXIV is for those who are unfamiliar with the game that may be watching a tournament.

    There are several patterns for the wall placement, and they will appear at random when the match begins.

    The crest created by the PvP Teams will be reflected on the field map.

  • Pre-season
    The pre-season will begin along with the release of Patch 4.2, and PvP Team feature will implemented at this time as well. We have made as much adjustments possible for PvP actions as well.

    We're currently working on the rules for the official tournament. We would like the PvP Teams to challenge each other to earn the right to participate in official tournaments.

    For now, we look forward to hearing your feedback from the pre-season.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI Update Thread



Some of the winning entries from theFurnishing Design Contestwill be implemented.

* We showed a few entries and some of the screenshots along with them.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI Update Thread


Fashion Report
We showed live gameplay of the new Fashion Report feature.
  • This is done on a weekly base, and the theme will change once a week.
  • The theme will be updated on Tuesdays, and checks will begin on Friday.
  • By participating in these Fashion Reports, the items available from the store will increase.
  • There are items which can only be obtained from this.
How Fashion Report works
Talk to the NPC to learn about that week's theme. For example, if the theme is summer, it will mention specific keywords like summer, natural, near eastern style for each gear part. If nothing is mentioned for a specific gear part, you may wear any equipment. During the week, the NPC will only check out your fashion up to four times. The correct answer won't be disclosed anywhere, so players will need to exchange information to complete it.

Please note that when you undergo an evaluation, any items you're wearing will be bound to your character.

By participating in the Fashion Report, players can earn 10,000 MGP. If you can earn higher than 80 points, you will receive more MGP.

As for the content in which you coordinate NPC's fashion is scheduled to be implemented in the next installment of the custom deliveries.

Also, for Wondrous Tails, we're planning to update it by adding a new point system, where players will earn points when they successfully complete a line, and can use these points to exchange for items.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI Update Thread


Performance Action Updates
  • The following instruments will be added to the Performances.
    • Harp
    • Grand Piano
    • Steel Guitar
    • Pizzicato
  • A volume setting specific to the performance actions will be added
    Currently the volume of performance actions is adjusted together; but we're planning to make it so you can adjust the volume of you and other players' performances separately.

  • In this update, we made changes to the controls, from here on out we're aiming to improving the animations, and introduce a system to perform music with other players when in a party.

  • You can apply specific key bindings for performance actions for both keyboard and gamepad.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI Update Thread


Omega: Sigmascape
*We showcased brief looks of Sigmascape V1.0 and V2.0.

V1.0 will have adventurers face off against Phantom Train.

We received a few requests to delay the implementation of the Savage mode; however, we chose to release them at the same time. Even if you haven't completed the main scenario, you'll only need to have completed the normal version of Omega: Deltascape to later challenge Sigmascape (Savage). Deltascape (Savage) completion is not a requirement.

If we were to release the Savage mode two weeks later, everyone's item level will be increased during that time. Balancing was done based on release at Patch 4.2 timing, so we would have to re-adjust the overall balancing if we pushed back the release timing on the Savage mode. Also, doing this will make it more difficult to retain the value of the new crafted battle gear with higher item level unless we make it stronger.

For those looking to defeat it quickly. we would like players to use the new crafted battle gear. We believe the difficulty of the Savage mode is harder than Alte Roite from Deltascape. For those that consider the Savage mode as their main end game content, we believe that they feel it's good to have the Savage mode released with the patch. We would like to continue to hear players feedback regarding this.

Jade Stoa
Jade Stoa will be released as the first in a new series of trials. The Four Lords sidestory quests are tied in with the main scenario, and some parts will be separated. The new instanced dungeon, Hells' Lid ties in with the story of the Four Lords as well.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI Update Thread


Housing Updates
Additional plots will be added.
We'll be adding 6 additional wards, along with their subdivisions, to each housing area (Mist, Goblet, Lavender Beds, Shirogane).

Plots will be added one week following the release of Patch 4.2.

Requirements for plot purchase
In order to allow free companies without housing to purchase a plot, we'll be applying the following conditions.
  • Plots designated for free company use will be limited to purchases by free companies with at least four members.
    You are required to have four members to form a free company, so we have set it so that housing purchases also require four or more members.

  • Individuals will be restricted from purchasing plots for personal use for a limited time. You'll still be able to relocate. We'll be observing the situation and remove this restriction later. When new plots are added in the future, we'll apply the same measures.

  • Players will be permitted to own only one private and one free company estate per World per service account.

    For example:
    If you have two characters (character A and B) on one World, and A is enlisted in a free company which owns an estate, then B will not be able to purchase a free company estate.

    Further details will be announced on a special site which will be released later.
    Owning a room in an apartment won't be considered as owning an estate, so you may purchase without any concerns.

Restrictions on Plot Resale
Plots relinquished by owners will be unavailable for purchase for a limited time.
The time when the plot becomes available is set at random, and will not be displayed anywhere.

  • Q: Can you relocate if you already own several free company estates?
    A: Relocating and purchasing are processed differently, so you are able to relocate.

  • Q: If you already own an estate, would I be restricted in purchasing one on a different World?
    A: The restrictions are not by data centers, but per Worlds. Characters on other Worlds will be able to purchase an estate.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI Update Thread


Elemental Properties
Elemental modifiers will be removed from gear and materia.
Elemental materials will no longer be obtainable from quest rewards and when converting a gear to materia.
Due to this change, consumables that provide elemental modifiers will be changed and/or no longer be obtainable.

Conditions for receiving bonuses as a miner or botanist will be adjusted.
Currently there is a bonus which increases the amount of items you can yield depending on each of the elemental properties when gathering as a miner or botanist, but this will be changed so that the bonus effect can be earned based on a character's maximum GP. Please rest assured that this change will not affect players negatively. You will still be able to sell items with elemental modifiers to shops or exchange it with Mutamix Bubblypots.

We're planning to make use of elementals in Eureka: Anemos coming in Patch 4.25.

In Eureka there is a unique leveling system known as the Elemental Level, and everyone will be leveling this. Furthermore there is a unique system referred to as the Magia Board, and players will place magicite into the board to strengthen elemental properties. Players will adjust their offensive and defensive elemental properties to fight against monsters.

The experience points earned inside Eureka will be retained even when you leave, and you can continue the next time you enter. If your Elemental Level is higher than 6, there will be a death penalty. (The penalty will not apply if you are raised.)

This content can be played solo, or in parties up to eight players.

* Please note that terms are subject to change. We'll cover more details on Eureka: Anemos in the next Letter from the Producer LIVE.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI Update Thread


Job Adjustments
The policy for job adjustments are the same as usual - make adjustments while retaining the job's identity within their roles.
  • Tank
    • Paladin
      Their damage output was a bit too high, so we have lowered their DPS just a bit.

    • Warrior/Dark Knight
      The DPS for both warrior and dark knight will be increased. For warriors, we will lower the effect of Storm's Eye a little; however, will be increasing the potency of other actions. We've also made system changes to Inner Release and Berserk.

      For dark knight, we have increased their usability in general.
  • Ranged DPS
    • Machinist
      The potency of Hypercharge will be decreased.

    • Black mage
      Potency of Fire IV will be increased.
      The proc duration for thunder-type spells and Fire III will be extended.
      The recast time for Aetherial Manipulation has been decreased.
      The recast time for Transpose has been decreased.

    • Summoner
      The potency of area of effect attack has been decreased.
  • Melee DPS
    • Monk
      Wind Tackle will now apply Greased Lightning Brotherhood's effect will apply to the user as well. It'll make it much easier to open a Chakra now.
      The recast time for Mantra and Perfect Balance has been decreased.
  • Healer
    • Scholar
      The healing effect from Excogitation will now execute when the effect duration ends.
    We have made adjustments to the other two healers as well to increase their usability.

  • Role Actions

    Diversion will be adjusted to further reduce enmity generation and the duration will be increased.

*Please refer to the full Patch 4.2 notes for further details on the job adjustments.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI Update Thread



Before Yoshida entered the Jade Stoa battlefield to see Byakko, he showed off two new mounts: the mount obtained from the Jade Stoa (Extreme), and the Deathclaw mount obtained via achievement points.

Jade Stoa
As mentioned above, Yoshida showed off some gameplay footage of the new battlefield.

The reward for completing the Jade Stoa (Extreme) is a weapon. We recommend that those who will be challenging the Omega: Sigmascape (Savage) aim for this weapon first, as it should make it that much easier. Byakko is definitely harder than Susano or Lakshmi, but we would like for everyone to give it a shot!

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI Update Thread



Patch 4.2 - Rise of a New Sun arrives on January 30th!

Please note that there will be a 24-hour maintenance, which will begin on Monday, January 29 at 2:00 a.m. (PST) and last until Tuesday, January 30 at 2:00 a.m.
* Players will be unable to login until 2:00 a.m.

Please refer to the maintenance announcement for details.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI Update Thread



At the start of the broadcast, we'll be using this thread to post the summary from the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI!

Watch the stream live onTwitchandYouTube.

As we'll be updating this thread throughout the show, make sure to reload every so often! We'll be posting the event summary exclusively in the thread and posting reminders occasionally on Twitter. However, please keep in mind that updates won't be occurring in real-time and there may be a delay.

After we create the full summary, it will be posted in the "Letter from the Producer LIVE" forum.
* Please note that all summary information presented here, including terminology, is subject to change.

See you here at 3:00 a.m. (PST) / 6:00 a.m. (EST) / 11:00 (GMT)!

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI Update Thread



Hello fellow PvP enthusiasts!

Let me share yet another update regarding the new map, the Crystal Tower Training Grounds.

It so happens that it will be the only map in use for ranked matches...during pre-Season.

The dev. team will consider including the other two maps (Feasting Grounds, Lichenweed) once Season Seven starts, based on players' feedback. So please share your thoughts during pre-Season!

The Feast - 4.2 Updates!



Hi everyone,

Thanks for your comments! While we can't answer everything - yet, here are a few additions to answer some questions

Cabalabob's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by CabalabobView Post
Are those debuff icons feast exclusive or will that be across all pvp areas like frontlines and rival wings?
The debuff icons are note exclusive to the Feast. They will also be displayed in Frontlines and Rival Wings.

Belisaire's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by BelisaireView Post
Can we get more information on what is happening with the other maps? Cutting content is not something that should be lightly thrown around...
While the Crystal Tower Training Grounds will be the only map used for ranked matches, the Feasting Grounds and Lichenweed will not disappear. You will be able to keep playing on these 2 maps via custom matches.

The Feast - 4.2 Updates!



We challenged adventurers across Hydaelyn to capture the spirit of Starlight with a single screenshot, and once again, the community has left us in awe! The way our Warriors of Light were able to capture the magic of the season was truly impressive, and we thank you all for participating. Without further ado, we're pleased to present the incredible entries of our Grand Prize winners and finalists.

Grand Prize Winners:

Congratulations to all our winners!

Announcing the Winners of the Starlight Starbright Screenshot Contest (NA)



Hi, everyone!

To coincide with the end of the latest episode of Adrenaline Rush TV, the Japanese PvP stream, we have some new information about the Feast updates to share! Feel free to check out the streamhere.

Allow me to share the updates with you!

New Map

The Crystal Tower Training Grounds, the new map that was unveiled during the last Letter from the Producer LIVE, will be the only map in the rotation for both solo and team ranked matches. However, it will actually have four different wall patterns that are decided randomly before the start of the match. A nice way to spice up your matches!

Click image for larger version  Name:	Picture1.png Views:	246 Size:	2.95 MB ID:	4872Click image for larger version  Name:	Picture2.png Views:	206 Size:	2.95 MB ID:	4873

New UI Elements

The job icon will now be displayed next to a player's name plate!

Click image for larger version  Name:	Picture3.png Views:	121 Size:	116.3 KB ID:	4874

Medal icons have also been adjusted to match the updated medal system!

1-25 Medals
Name: Picture4.png Views: 4 Size: 61.7 KB

26-50 Medals
Name: Picture5.png Views: 4 Size: 62.9 KB

51-75 Medals
Name: Picture6.png Views: 4 Size: 64.1 KB

76-100 Medals
Name: Picture7.png Views: 4 Size: 65.0 KB

Can't pick up*
Name: Picture8.png Views: 4 Size: 63.4 KB

* Since Patch 4.2 will add a role-based medal cap, there will be situations that prevent you from picking up medals.

For instance, a tank can carry up to 200 medals. Let's imagine a situation where the tank is currently carrying 150 medals, and 75 are dropped by an enemy player. This tank will be able to pick up 50 medals and 25 will remain on the ground. Either someone else from the team picks them up, or they will return to their initial carrier after a few seconds.

New Debuff Icons

Debuffs inflicted by Crowd Control actions (Bind, Stun, Heavy, Sleep, Silence) will now be easier to track thanks to the icons appearing above affected characters!

Click image for larger version  Name:	Picture9.png Views:	606 Size:	357.7 KB ID:	4882


That's it for now! If you have missed previous updates coming with Patch 4.2, have a look atthis forum thread. You can also see some more images on theupdated Patch 4.2 special site.

What do you think about these changes? Are you excited to create your team and compete with others? Let us your know your thoughts!

The Feast - 4.2 Updates!



We are pleased to present the full digest of the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XL!
If you missed the live stream, or if you just want to watch it again (and again), check it out below!

*Don't forget to select the 720p option to watch the video in HD!

Patch 4.2 Special Part I

Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_01.jpg Views:	137 Size:	181.8 KB ID:	4828

Patch 4.2”Rise of a New Sun will debut in late January 2018!
The patch illustration was created by Toshiyuki Itahana, known for Chocobo's Dungeon!

Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_02.jpg Views:	190 Size:	112.7 KB ID:	4829Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_03.jpg Views:	110 Size:	214.9 KB ID:	4830
Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_04.jpg Views:	71 Size:	138.9 KB ID:	4831

The main scenario of Patch 4.1 took place in Gyr Abania. This time, the next chapter in the story will lead us back to Doma.

New Sidequests
Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_05.jpg Views:	214 Size:	139.9 KB ID:	4832

Hildibrand Quests
Patch 4.2 will mark the beginning of the next chapter in the Hildibrand storyline. We noticed that players tend to play through the Hildibrand quests after they completed all other new content. For this reason, we'll be implementing the Hildibrand series in the .x5 patches moving forward. Therefore, the next Hildibrand story will be implemented in Patch 4.25.

Beast Tribe Quests “ Ananta
The Ananta beast tribe quests will begin in Patch 4.2.

Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_06.jpg Views:	104 Size:	269.5 KB ID:	4833Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_07.jpg Views:	81 Size:	250.7 KB ID:	4834

New Dungeons
Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_08.jpg Views:	180 Size:	138.1 KB ID:	4835

Since this is an even numbered patch, we'll be introducing two new dungeons, the Hells' Lid, and the Fractal Continuum (Hard).

Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_09.jpg Views:	86 Size:	176.1 KB ID:	4836Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_10.jpg Views:	122 Size:	254.8 KB ID:	4837
Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_11.jpg Views:	77 Size:	211.4 KB ID:	4838Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_12.jpg Views:	80 Size:	209.7 KB ID:	4839

New Trial
Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_13.jpg Views:	202 Size:	136.4 KB ID:	4840

A new series of trials known as the Four Lords will kick off with the release of 4.2. The first in the series will see adventurers doing battle against Byakko in the Jade Stoa and the Jade Stoa (Extreme). Those of you who have played a certain title may find these trials nostalgic, so please look forward to further details!

Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_14.jpg Views:	101 Size:	356.4 KB ID:	4841Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_15.jpg Views:	152 Size:	148.7 KB ID:	4842

New Raids
Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_16.jpg Views:	219 Size:	141.2 KB ID:	4843

Omega: Sigmascape and Omega: Sigmascape (Savage) will be introduced in Patch 4.2. We'll go over more details on these in the next Letter from the Producer LIVE.

The Forbidden Land of Eureka - Anemos
Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_17.jpg Views:	176 Size:	110.6 KB ID:	4844

The Forbidden Land of Eureka is a new series of content, which will be released as we continue through the patches. The content involves some leveling aspects as well. As we would like many players to enjoy the content together, we'll implement this in Patch 4.25, so that everyone can focus more on this content when it's released.

Eureka introduces various new and unique system for players to enjoy, such as upgradeable weapons and gear, and notorious monster encounters. We hope to release more information regarding Eureka in the Letter from the Producer LIVE scheduled for February. For now, we'll leave you with the following concept art.

Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_18.jpg Views:	528 Size:	299.0 KB ID:	4845

Job Adjustments
Job adjustments are planned for black mage's DPS and their gameplay, and the usability of warriors. Other jobs will be receiving job adjustments as well. We'll go over more details in the next Letter from the Producer LIVE.

Housing Updates
Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_19.jpg Views:	500 Size:	169.1 KB ID:	4846

As mentioned before, additional plots for housing will be added. In order to avoid issues such as the patch taking too long to download, or being unable to login due to server congestion, additional housing plots are scheduled to be made available a week after Patch 4.2 is released.

Additionally, Patch 4.2 introduces a new feature that allows you to teleport to your friends' estates, and exterior and interior fixtures will now be retained upon removal. Please look forward to these changes as well!

Furthermore, we'll be making changes to how plots are purchased. We'll announce the changes right before additional plots are made available.

Subaquatic Voyages
Click image for larger version  Name:	PLL40_EN_20.jpg Views:	159 Size:	105.7 KB ID:	4847

As a continuation to airship voyages, we will now be exploring under the sea. More details regarding subaquatic voyages will also be introduced in the next Letter from the Producer LIVE.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XL Digest (1/15/2018)



Your holiday greetings have been heartwarming and fun to read!
Now is the time for us to judge the entries and decide the winners.

Thank you for participating in the Holiday Greetings Contest!

This entry thread is now closed.

Please note that the winners of this contest will be announced the latest on Thursday, 8th February, 2018.

Holiday Greetings Contest (EU/PAL) - Entry Thread



Happy New Year, everyone!

Aivi_lo's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Aivi_loView Post
Do we get a chance to win a plushie like the NA competition?
The prizes can be found in the ruleshere!

PhenrirMailoki's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PhenrirMailokiView Post
Hi, how can I see the preview of my post?
You have to choose the "Go Advanced" below the quick reply window. This should forward you to a new page where you can preview your post as well!

Holiday Greetings Contest (EU/PAL) - Discussion/Practice Thread



Thank you all for the amazing entries! All of us on the Community team hope you had a happy holidays and have a wonderful 2018!

Starlight Starbright Screenshot Contest (NA) - OFFICIAL ENTRY THREAD


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Quote Originally Posted by AlaaView Post
If I use the edit function on the Entry thread to add a couple of words that i missed, will I be disqualified? Do i have to re-submit? D:
Feel free to resubmit - we do not index posts with missing elements, so once we come across your correct entry we will take that one into consideration.

Stib's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by StibView Post
Ive edited mine due to image hosting site, do I delete the first thread and make a new one ?
Same as above, feel free to simply resubmit!

To both of you though - next time, use this thread to test your post before you send it into the entry post

Holiday Greetings Contest (EU/PAL) - Discussion/Practice Thread



Please feel free to use this thread to discuss the Holiday Greetings Contest and practice submitting your entries.

Please remember, you cannot edit your entries in the entry thread once you have posted.

The full contest details and rules can be foundhere.

You can freshen up your /gpose skills by checkingthis threadout!

When you are ready to make your entry, please do so by posting in theEntry Thread.

Holiday Greetings Contest (EU/PAL) - Discussion/Practice Thread



Please post your entries for the Holiday Greetings Contest in this thread!

You can find full contest detailshere.

This thread is for entries only. We ask that you use the Discussion Thread for entry practice or to talk about the event. All non-entry posts in this thread will be moderated.

You can freshen up your /gpose skills and knowledgehere.

* Please note that the forum image attachment option is unavailable in the entry thread. We ask that you utilize image hosting sites such as Flickr, Imgur, etc. Some image hosting websites, such as Flickr, will delete images when an account is inactive for a certain amount of time, so make sure to verify this when choosing a site to host your entry image.
* Please note that you won't be able to edit your post after sending it, so make sure to use the preview function!

Holiday Greetings Contest (EU/PAL) - Entry Thread




A.Official Rules: The Official Rules for this Promotion consist ofboth(i) these key rules summarizing the important rules for participating in the Promotion (the Key Rules) and (ii) the Additional Promotion Official Rules (Additional Rules) applicable to your place of legal residence. Please review the Additional Rules at the following URL:

B.Territories: This Promotion is open only to individuals who are legal residents and physically and permanently located in one of the following countries/territories at the date and time of entry (the Promotion Jurisdiction):
  • Ã…land Islands, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bhutan, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Botswana, Bouvet Island, British Indian Ocean Territory, Brunei Darussalam (Nr. Sri Lanka), Bulgaria, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Comoros, Congo, Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The, Cook Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Faroe Islands, Fiji, Finland, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories (South Indian Ocean), Gabon, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guernsey, Holy See (Vatican City State), Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Isle Of Man, Israel, Italy, Jersey, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lesotho, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of, Madagascar, Malawi, Maldives (Sri Lanka), Malta, Mauritania (West Africa), Mauritius, Mayotte, Monaco, Mongolia, Montserrat, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Caledonia (Australasia), New Zealand, Norfolk Island, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Réunion (S. Africa), Romania, Russian Federation, Saint Helena, Samoa, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Seychelles, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Tanzania, United Republic Of, Timor-Leste, Tokelau, Tonga, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Vatican City State, Yemen, Zambia

C.Age Limit: Contestants under the age of 18 must obtain the permission of a legal guardian before submitting entries.

D.Entry Period: You may enter the Promotion only between 20 December 2017 at 10:01 GMT and 8 January 2018 at 10:01 GMT (the Entry Period).

E.Entry Procedure and Limitations:In order to enter the Promotion, you must complete the following steps during the Entry Period:
  • In order to enter, you must have an active Final Fantasy XIV (the Game) service account.
  • Take a screenshot (the Screenshot) in the Game during the Starlight and Heavensturn in-game celebrations.
    • Your character does not have to be the focus of the screenshot, but it must appear in the screenshot.
    • The screenshot must be taken by the person submitting the entry.
    • The screenshot must be taken using the /gpose in-game feature.
    • You may use image editing software only to crop the screenshot.
    • Add a greeting message (up to fifty (50) words) to your Screenshot or use the postcard template provided to write the message.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	postcard.png Views:	198 Size:	21.1 KB ID:	4765
  • Post your Screenshot to the Promotion entry thread on the Game forum at
  • In your forum post, include
    • your character name,
    • your World name, and
    • the in-game item prize that you would like to receive from the following list:
      • Ahriman Choker
      • Mandragora Choker
      • Bluebird Earring
      • Scarf of Wondrous Wit
      • Chocobo Noble barding
If you win a prize and you do not submit a character name or a World name, Sponsor will award the prize to the character associated with your forum handle. If you win a prize and you do not submit a prize choice, Sponsor will select one for you.

F.Winner Selection:The Sponsor (listed below), or Sponsor's designee, shall select twenty (20) winners from among all entries using the following methodology:

Sponsor's Final Fantasy XIV European Community Team will select winners based on the creativity and quality of the Screenshot and the greeting message.

G.Prize(s):Each winner shall receive each of the following prize(s):
  • One of the following virtual, in-game items (in-game items have no retail value):
    • Ahriman Choker
    • Mandragora Choker
    • Bluebird Earring
    • Scarf of Wondrous Wit
    • Chocobo Noble barding

Name: 1.jpg Views: 3 Size: 56.7 KBName: 2.jpg Views: 4 Size: 78.3 KBName: 3.jpg Views: 5 Size: 63.5 KBName: 4.png Views: 4 Size: 134.6 KB
Name: 5.jpg Views: 4 Size: 48.5 KB

Sponsor will distribute prizes to winners via the Game's in-game Moogle delivery service.

H.Winner Notification:Sponsor, or Sponsor's designee, will notify winner(s) by or before 8 February 2018 via the Final Fantasy XIV forum.

I.Sponsor:The sponsor of this Promotion is Square Enix Limited.

By entering the Promotion, you agree to be bound and abide by these Key Rules and the Additional Rules applicable to your place of legal residence, and you represent that you satisfy all eligibility requirements to enter the Promotion.



Holiday Greetings Contest (EU/PAL) - Rules

Latest Lodestone News

Patch 4.2─Rise of a New Sun Trailer is Now Live
News Posting besuchen - January 19, 2018, 2:20 pm

At last Ala Mhigo is on the path to recovery, but there can be no respite for the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

Be it challenging the next stage of Omega’s “experiment” or contending with the Four Lords of the Fear East, great trials and still greater rewards await the Warrior of Light, and today we offer you a sneak peek at what’s to come in Patch 4.2─Rise of a New Sun.

Proceed to the patch 4.2 special site.

The Feast Season Six Ending Soon!
News Posting besuchen - January 19, 2018, 11:30 am

The competition has been fierce, but Season Six of the Feast will soon draw to a close! Updates to the rankings page will end after Monday, January 22, and the final results for the Feast will be announced on Tuesday, January 30.

Devour your rivals, and prove yourself the most savage at this banquet of beasts!

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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Open Beta Now Live on PS4!
News Posting besuchen - January 16, 2018, 10:00 am

The Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Open Beta is now live and available to all PS4 players! The Open Beta features online and offline battles, stages from the mainline Final Fantasy series, ferocious summons for players to call upon in battle, character customisation and more.

Please note that the roster of playable characters will vary at regular intervals. As such, Y’shtola will not be playable from January 16th – 21st. Details available on the website.

For full details on the Open Beta, please visit here.

Tune into the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI this Friday
News Posting besuchen - January 16, 2018, 8:00 am

It is our pleasure to announce the URLs for the upcoming Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI set to take place on Friday, January 19.

Friday, January 19, 2018 at 3:00 a.m. (PST)

* Please note that the audio will be available in Japanese only.

Read on for details.

News Posting besuchen - January 15, 2018, 9:00 am

Celebrate the launch of Patch 4.2─Rise of a New Sun with an exciting new fan kit featuring principal members of Garlond Ironworks. Download it now to liven up your desktops and smartphones!

Download the fan kit.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XL Digest Released
News Posting besuchen - January 15, 2018, 8:00 am

We’re proud to announce that the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XL event digest has been released!

If you weren’t able to watch the live stream, or if you just want to watch it again, be sure to check it out!

Proceed to the thread.

Announcing the Winners of the Starlight Starbright Screenshot Contest!
News Posting besuchen - January 15, 2018, 7:55 am

We challenged adventurers across Hydaelyn to capture the spirit of Starlight with a single screenshot, and once again, the community has left us in awe! The way our Warriors of Light were able to capture the magic of the season was truly impressive, and we thank you all for participating. Without further ado, we're pleased to present the incredible entries of our Grand Prize winners and finalists.

Take a look at the winning entries!

Glamours Made Easy!
News Posting besuchen - January 11, 2018, 8:00 am

Attention fashion fanatics! Patch 4.2 will see the introduction of the glamour dresser and glamour plate features which will make creating the perfect outfit easier than ever. Convert items to glamours, experiment with different combinations, save your favorite ensembles to glamour plates, and apply a whole set of glamours at once.

Read on for details.

Updates to the Feast
News Posting besuchen - January 11, 2018, 8:00 am

Patch 4.2 brings several updates to the Feast including the new map “Crystal Tower Training Grounds,” adjustments to battle length, and the new Light Medal effect. The new PvP team feature will also be added to encourage stronger bonds between participants.

Read on for details.

* Updated on Monday, January 15, 2018 at 18:30 p.m. (PST).

Patch 4.2 Beast Tribe Quests Preview
News Posting besuchen - January 11, 2018, 8:00 am

With patch 4.2 swiftly approaching, we offer a sneak peek at the newest set of beast tribe quests.

Read on for details.

Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XLI Set for January 19th
News Posting besuchen - January 5, 2018, 8:00 am

The forty-first installment of the Letter from the Producer LIVE is coming soon, and features the second half of a two-part special preview of the new content and updates in patch 4.2. Be sure to tune in on Friday, January 19 for the latest news!

Check out the details on how to view the broadcast.

New Year's Greetings!
News Posting besuchen - January 1, 2018, 8:00 am

Hello there, everyone. Producer and Director Yoshi-P here to wish you all a Happy New Year!

2017 was a fantastic year. The release of our second expansion, Stormblood, was a great success, and we’ve seen more players online than ever before. It goes without saying our accomplishments over the past year wouldn’t have been possible without your support. I can’t thank you enough for your continued patronage.

As mentioned during the LIVE letter in December, our first major update of the year, patch 4.2, will be released at the end of this month. Plans for the FFXIV Fan Festival 2018-2019 are also well underway. With a year’s worth of preparation going into the event anything can happen, but I’m afraid you’ll have to wait to learn what we have in store.

It’s also worth mentioning we aim to do more than hold Fan Festivals. In fact, I’ve already settled on plans for another event over a year from now. I suggest keeping a look out for future announcements to find out what it is.

Speaking of announcements, yet another prophetic passage was delivered to my office not long ago.

Strange... I was expecting perhaps another ancient Eastern proverb, or even a passage from the diary of the late Archon Louisoix. What could this mean for the future of the realm? I suppose we can only speculate until the truth reveals itself.

The FFXIV team is taking a short break for New Years, but you can be sure we’ll hit the ground running when we get back to the office. There’s much to do this year, and we intend to give our all to provide you with the greatest gaming experience possible.

Again, to our players and all fans of the FINAL FANTASY series, I wish you a happy new year, and hope you enjoy what we have in store for 2018!

Naoki Yoshida

Patch 4.2 Dungeon Preview
News Posting besuchen - December 28, 2017, 8:00 am

Patch 4.2 is nearly here, and today's preview offers a look at the dangers lurking within Hell’s Lid, as well as the hard incarnation of the Fractal Continuum.

Read on for details.

Callback Campaign Ends on January 4!
News Posting besuchen - December 27, 2017, 8:00 am

The Callback Campaign is scheduled to end on Thursday, January 4.

If your friends are taking a break, don't miss this chance to invite them back for fantastic new adventures in Stormblood, and earn special rewards if you meet the campaign requirements!
* Friends can be invited to return via the friends list in-game until Thursday, January 4. Players invited to return must do so within 30 days of the campaign's end to receive rewards.

Read on for more details.

Celebrate with the Inu Bugyo This Heavensturn!
News Posting besuchen - December 26, 2017, 8:00 am

After another prosperous and eventful year, Heavensturn is upon us at last. In Far Eastern tradition, an animal is selected to lead the proceedings, and this time it is the turn of the loyal and courageous dog. Its representative, the inu bugyo, aims to share the customs of the east with Eorzea, while the pirates known as the Rabid Wives have other ideas. A host of unique rewards is on offer, so be sure to join in the celebration!

Read on for details.

New Optional Items & Mog Station Winter Sale!
News Posting besuchen - December 26, 2017, 6:00 am

A special winter sale is now underway on the Mog Station. Don't miss this chance to save on optional items! Furthermore, we're pleased to announce the all-new Aquamarine and Citrine Carbuncle mounts, the Emerald and Topaz attire, and the Pretty Please emote! 

Read on for details.

Changes to Allagan Tomestones in Patch 4.2
News Posting besuchen - December 25, 2017, 8:00 am

Patch 4.2 will see a number of changes to tomestone currency, including the introduction of a new Allagan tomestone, and the removal of Allagan tomestones of lore and scripture. We ask that any players currently carrying Allagan tomestones of lore or scripture please exchange them for Allagan tomestones of poetics prior to the scheduled maintenance for patch 4.2.

Read on for details.

Duty Commenced Episode 19 Archive Now Available
News Posting besuchen - December 22, 2017, 8:00 am

The latest episode of the North American community team’s Duty Commenced live show has been archived and is now available to view! Couldn’t join the team live this time? No worries! The episode has been stored on the official FINAL FANTASY XIV Twitch channel and can be watched over and over at your leisure.

In this episode, the community team covered the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE, and provided another installment of Community Commendations!

View the archived video on the official Twitch channel.

Recommencement of Automatic Housing Demolition
News Posting besuchen - December 21, 2017, 9:00 am

In light of the hurricanes that hit the U.S. and the Caribbean in September, the automatic demolition of estates was suspended. However, after careful consideration, we have decided to resume auto-demolition with the release of patch 4.2.

Read on for details.

* Please be advised there is a possibility the timer will be suspended again at a later date should the need arise.

Patch 4.2 Main Scenario Preview
News Posting besuchen - December 21, 2017, 8:15 am

Patch 4.2 is right around the corner, and today we offer you a sneak peek at what's to come in the main scenario!

Read on for details.

Can purchased from the Housing Merchant in the Akanezaka Markets of Shirogane for 8,500 gil.

Easily my favourite food in the game! I love to both craft this food as well as use it on my bard! So thankful that they designed and implemented this food :D!

be more specific. its 56.

(18.0; 13.1)

Location: Dravanian Hinterlands X39 , Y23

Loot: 15 180 HQ 2 HQ 1
2030 Gil

It has a chance to pop S Rank - The Pale Rider (if his timer is open).

this means 2000 S ranks and 3000 A ranks in total

I got one from Timeworn Goatskin Map and from Timeworn Wyvernskin Map

Found at 16,19

I want to take back my deleted comment about the drop rate of these from Dragonskin Maps. I've just got done doing 25 Dragonskin maps and out of all them I hadn't seen any Unidentifiable Ore drop. :(

Got this from quick venture, coincidentally from a fishing retainer.

Ephemeral node pops between 12PM and 16 pm

You can buy these at 10 qty, NQ, for 1 Brass Sky Pirate Spoil. If you've done Diadem at all, you have a bunch.

You can buy these at 10 qty, NQ, for 1 Brass Sky Pirate Spoil. If you've done Diadem at all, you have a bunch.

You can buy these at 10 qty, NQ, for 1 Brass Sky Pirate Spoil. If you've done Diadem at all, you have a bunch.

Still getting sold at "silver basaar" for 6k gil. Used it to get the desynth material.

Found at X22.8, y34.4 see screenshot

got one from sector 14, added screenshot

Thanks! The map given in-game is so misleading as to location.

Can also be obtained by the quick exploration venture

Crayfish Ball and Stonefly Nymph works too

It is not a legendary tug, felt more like a Medium. Caught mine at 12:06 with Fair Skies
*12:06 AM I mean :D

Timed it: took 55 minutes to spawn again after despawning.

Can be bought at your grand company now, just like the others aswell

On en trouve en X : 23.8 Y : 20.7


Hey, I'm checking in on that transgender operation deal we struck last week. Where the hell were you? It was raining and nearly freezing out there! I was all dressed up and ready for the transformation, took all the medicines in my cabinet, everything! I had it all prepared!!! I'm not gonna let you slip up one more time. Next week or bust.

Found in floor 7 of Uznair

Sold by Elbert <Weaponsmith> in Foundation The Jeweled Crozier X 6.8 Y 10.0 for 23,680 gil

The Ultimate Coil of Bahamut, which is unlocked after beating Omega 4 savage. (Source: Kishin Yami)

The previously posted information is incorrect, and is for the Yanxian Koi, as Kara Njara noted.

Correct Killifish information is as follows:
Location: - (X:32 Y:30)
Time: Any

"Speak with Au Ra that have recently arrived in Reunion"
you will find NPC named Jebei in the right side if you enter from South gate of Reunion
x:33.1 Y:29.8 Z:-0.3

Aether Currents location in screenshots

Purchased in Reunion for 39,348 gil from the Traveling Battlecraft Supplier.

Zentrales La Noscea - Nahe La Thagran-Grenzposten
EZ: 19:00 (einmal am Tag von Eorzea)
Slot: 8

Entwickler Blog - 3 months ago
V3 update + dropping support for some tools

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