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"Hello, everyone. Producer and Director Yoshida here. First of all, let me thank you all for your continued feedback. As stated in the patch notes for Patch 2.38, the plots of land available for..."
Forum Topic: Regarding Housing Plot Availability in Patch 2.38 and Beyond

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"Hello all, As you might have seen on our recent update to the Fan Festival 2014 website, or through email announcement last week, we're offering a VIP Ticket transfer for all current ticket..."
Forum Topic: FFXIV Fan Festival 2014 (NA) VIP Ticket Purchases

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Please read a post from Producer/Director Yoshida in regards to housing plot availability in Patch 2.38 and beyond. 

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The #FFXIV Patch 2.38 Notes have been posted!

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Patch 2.38 Notes

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"Hello all, For anyone who missed their chance to get a ticket and still wanted to join your fellow players at Fan Festival, we recently announced our volunteer system fondly referred to as..."
Forum Topic: FFXIV Fan Festival 2014 Volunteer "Retainers"!

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"You will not lose a ticket if your transfer doesn't go through."
Forum Topic: VIP Tickets! What do you think? (NA Fan Fest)

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Check out our newest FC Member @FF_XIV_EN Aren't they just the best? #FFXIV #DragonQuestX #Chocobo #KingSlime

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Did you get your King Slime Crown in Ul'dah? Take part in the Dragon Quest crossover event? Share your pics! #FFXIV 

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Mog Station Maintenance (Sep. 16)

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butterworms - Foggy weather - Night
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Anyone can emote /handover to it and it will come towards them and "eat" off their hand. It will show "You feed the fled ...
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Does not grant bonus exp when used as feed, only when used to summon companion.
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Can be easily obtained from ilv 50 items such as Tane Mahuta
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Grundelball > Merlthor-Grundel HQ > Räubermakrele HQ > Titansägerochen
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1 Mazlaya-Marlin für die Quest. Grundelball > Hafenhering > Oger-Barrakuda > Mazlaya-Marlin Zuerst mit einem Grunde ...
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Wolkenspalter aka. Cloud Cutter - Hochland von Coerthas ~ 13/15
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Regenrufer aka. Raincaller - Neu Gridania ~ 12/13
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1 ixali oaknot gives 2 animal fat
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Anything drop HQ versions?
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