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Hey everyone,

As we've been getting a lot of questions asking when the Garo collaboration would end, we wanted to share some comments made Yoshida during the recent 3.5 Patch note reading broadcast. He mentioned the event is set as a long-term event, which is over 6 months long, and it will last even after the release of 4.0!

You'll have enough time to collect a full set of gear, and work towards the mounts!
Garo MGP Vendor?
132 posts  -  29,061 views
Greetings, and thank you very much for the report.

It turns out this message might have been a last minute addition from the JP side, and therefore is missing in not only EN, but French and German as well. We have updated our text files with the translation and will be reflected in forthcoming hotfix.

For your reference, the message (in EN) will be:

"All known routes to the Diadem are showing signs of severe aetherial turbulence. Travel to region is restricted until further notice."
Greetings, glamour enthusiasts!

Thanks for the feedback and the discussion! We have relayed the feedback from this thread to the dev. team.

We understand the desire to have the variances in the Hempen set unlocked across all the races, and also understand those who prefer to preserve the uniqueness of these sets.

Since there are players who are both for and against this type of change, we'd like additional feedback to determine whether we should unlock the Hempen set varieties for all races, or if we should keep these glamours race-specific in order to retain the uniqueness. Please let us know which you would prefer, and we will pass these thoughts back to the dev. team.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!
Request to unlock Hempen set styles
308 posts  -  23,096 views
Greetings, adventurers!

The GARO collaboration gear was implemented as PvP equipment, and as such we've made it so that it can first be obtained through PvP. However, in Patch 3.55 we will add the undyeable version of this gear, which will be obtainable in exchange for MGP. If you're interested in this gear ahead of time, we encourage you to try out the PvP content!

We apologize for any confusion regarding how to obtain the gear.

I hope you're all enjoying this event as much as I have been so far!
Garo MGP Vendor?
132 posts  -  29,061 views

I'd like to share a comment from Koji Fox regarding this issue.

Quote Originally Posted by Koji Fox
Please allow me to deeply apologize for the lack of discretion used in the localization of the player title received upon completing the 3.5 main scenario quest. The decision to proceed with what is (as of Jan 18 JST) in the game was my decision and my decision alone. While the title was meant to be a reflection of the Warrior of Light’s role in the story, there is no excuse for my inability to realize that the particular choice of words would affect those players who had yet to complete the quest. As a result, my lack of foresight has marred the gaming experience of countless fans.

The current plan is to hotfix a new title in as soon as possible, with full awareness that this cannot undo the damage that is already done. I have spoken with Yoshida-san on the issue and have promised to personally work to ensure similar missteps do not happen in the future. We greatly appreciate the efforts being made by players who have already completed the quest to help ensure those who have not from being affected, and humbly ask that that everyone continues to do so until the issue can be addressed.

I once again sincerely apologize for this inexcusable error in judgment.

Koji Fox
As this is something we will be correcting, I will be locking this thread in the hopes that we can minimize the number of people that are impacted. As Koji mentioned, we would appreciate everyone's continued participation in helping ensure your fellow adventurers avoid this by not using the title in question.
Greetings, adventurers.

We would like to share a message from Hiroshi Minagawa from the User Interface team:

Hiroshi_Minagawa's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Hiroshi_MinagawaView Post
Greetings, everyone. Minagawa from the UI team here.

In Patch 3.5 we released a feature to choose different hotbar layouts; however, we have encountered a bug related to this and I would like to inform you of the status.

The space between each icon has become wider than before for vertical hotbars (hotbars 7 to 10). Due to this, the HUD layout for the vertical hotbars has changed, and it will not allow layouts without any gaps in between each icon.
We introduced the hotbar layout selection feature in this current patch. During testing, we received feedback from our testers stating that the text that displays the shortcut key on the top right and the action cost overlaps when the hotbar is displayed vertically. In order to address this, we made adjustments and expanded the space in between each icon, so the visibility of the numbers is clearer.

At this point, in order to not affect the existing HUD layout, we prepared a special process for hotbars 7 to 10 so that this spacing does not occur; however, this isn't being processed properly. For this reason, all vertical hotbars are displayed with the spacing.
This bug is affecting those who have made detailed adjustments to their HUD layout; therefore, we're going to quickly revert the display for the vertical hotbars (1x12) to the previous display.

We're going to try and get this going as soon as possible, so instead of doing it as we planned, where we apply this to hotbars 7 to 10 specifically, we will apply this to every vertical hotbar (1x12) from hotbar 1 through 10 so that the spacing will be reverted back to how it was prior to Patch 3.5.

For this reason, with the above change, the height of the hotbar will revert back to the original height, but we will be prioritizing a fix for the issue where it is not possible to do what you have been doing up until this point.

This adjustment requires patching the client, so we'll have the operations team follow-up with the details on when this will be applied.
We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause until the fix is applied.

Dear Warriors of Light,

It’s been nearly eight years since I began my adventures with Square Enix, and the journey has been filled with quests of memorable experiences that have taught me a great deal and shaped me into the person that I have become today. The next quest in my life is now upon me, but unfortunately the path for this one leads me away from Square Enix and into new opportunities, and it is here that I must say my farewells to the community as a member of the North American community team.

Both FFXI and FFXIV hold a special place in my heart, and I’m hoping that throughout my years on the community team my passion for these games has been clearly conveyed. I’d like to say thank you to everyone in the community for giving me the opportunity to share this passion and be part of something amazing.

Though I leave you all as a community team member, I will once again be returning to the community I came from as a fellow player. There’s tons of excitement to look forward to from here on out, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

See you in Eorzea!
Farewell, adventurers!
68 posts  -  22,072 views
In case you missed it, the musical guests for the EU Fan Festival have finally been announced!

On Saturday 18th February, German pianist and composer Benyamin Nuss will perform in a captivating piano concert, accompanied by talented vocalist Susan Calloway.

Plus, our very own FFXIV sound director, composer and favourite crowd pleaser Masayoshi Soken will attend with his band the Primals, who will rock our collective socks off on Sunday 19th February.

Last but seriously not least, on Sunday afternoon we will get to see Soken and Nobuo Uematsu on stage in a special talk session!
A number of ticket holders will also have the chance to meet Uematsu in person with exclusive signing sessions (details to be announced at a later date).

You can check the full event schedule here.

Have you gotten your tickets already? What are you looking forward the most at the Fan Fest?
We've relayed your requests to the dev. team!

We understand the desire to have housing amenities for these new and exciting features, so please continue to post your suggestions. We'll definitely be sure to take these and future responses into consideration.
Housing swimming pools?
21 posts  -  7,079 views
Hello everyone!

We’ve gotten some amazing entries for the EU Fan Fest art contest already and we’re loving them!

Just a gentle reminder that the contest is still up and running until tomorrow at 18:00 (GMT).

The themes for the contest are:
  • Leisure: depicting non-combat daily activities or role-play
  • Battle: depicting a battle scene
  • Characters and Creatures: depicting a famous NPC or monster
So, if you have prepared art for us, remember to send it before 18:00 (GMT) on Friday 6th January.

Please note that you can take part in the art contest even if you are unable to join the Fan Festival in Frankfurt itself!

You can check out more info about the contest here.

We're looking forward to seeing all your entries!
Art Contest
5 posts  -  33,851 views
The contest entry time frame was officially over at 10am GMT, and the thread hereby closed. Thank you all for your entries
Rizon's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by RizonView Post
I recently registered an account with and purchased the live feed for FanFest from NicoNico. Can anyone tell me if I was supposed to receive a code from them in order to watch. Thank You
Hello, Rizon!

No code is required. After you've made your purchase from NicoNico on your account you are good to go. Access will be added to the account with which you purchased, so just log in and tune into the show.
Question about NicoNico and FanFest
5 posts  -  14,485 views

We would like to offer our apologies for any confusion that may have been caused by the original announcement of winners, which did contain several entries that have since been disqualified. We appreciate you bringing these concerns to our attention, and once more thank everyone for their participation in this contest.
Adventurers across the realm gather near as snow begins to fall in Eorzea, settling in to the warmth of their homes and resting up for the coming days of battles to be won. We had the fortune to be invited in to some spectacular homes that even Byregot himself would be proud of. It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of The Eorzean Home Makeover (Extreme) Contest!

Our Grand Prize Winners:

1. Lenne Mei
"A Sanctuary to Escape the Heat of Thanalan"

2. Dandelion Aroral
"Winter welcomes us to join our friends by the flickering hearth and under the warm kotatsu in this homey, eastern-style chamber."

3. Kateri Vastara
(Original Post)

4. Rufia Tsurumi (Original Post)
5. Iris Ayanami (Original Post)
6. Abbi Normail (Original Post)
7. Candy Star (Original Post)
8. Sylfaein Stormbreaker (Original Post)
9. Eddard Stark (Original Post)
10. Alli Melody (Original Post)
11. Naevelyn Satyre (Original Post)
12. Aria Winds (Original Post)
13. Kiipa Nulstat (Original Post)
14. Mele Kalikimaka (Original Post)
15. Tamisaki Nanami (Original Post)
16. Luna Vox (Original Post)
17. Naverzia Senka (Original Post)
18. Ashaa Tarins (Original Post)
19. Eriyn Kainoa (Original Post)
20. Elsee A'leun (Original Post)
21. Kaysia Graison (Original Post)
22. Yui Kasai (Original Post)
23. Lily Elwood (Original Post)
24. Lavandla Leveilleur (Original Post)
25. Blade Belisaire (Original Post)
26. Aneth Nae'zan (Original Post)
27. K'kara Zeye (Original Post)
28. Senica Demysidia (Original Post)
29. Esmeree Rosewood (Original Post)
30. Nataylea Terrene (Original Post)
31. Liyni Simpanno (Original Post)
32. Babooshka Ooshka (Original Post)
33. Hans Douken (Original Post)
34. Seda'li Tayuun (Original Post)
35. Poppy Milkweed (Original Post)
36. Kyri Sagitta (Original Post)
37. Breadnut Leofang (Original Post)
38. Meer'a Mihksa (Original Post)
39. Methos Ranperre (Original Post)
40. Snow Bird (Original Post)
41. Melon Pan' (Original Post)
42. Havalana Surticia (Original Post)
43. Yunie Aura (Original Post)
44. Freya Abendschein (Original Post)
45. Sophia Getty (Original Post)
46. Nina Nables (Original Post)
47. Meurati Veile (Original Post)
48. Zac Lionheart (Original Post)
49. Wandering Sage (Original Post)
50. Kalinas Luminas (Original Post)

We offer our congratulations, and thank you all for participating in this contest!

Today, producer/director Naoki Yoshida made a post regarding player feedback and comments that have been discussing the "jump potions" that are available in the Korean and Chinese versions of FINAL FANTASY XIV. I'd like to share that post with you all here.

We also look forward to your feedback regarding this topic as well.

Naoki_Yoshida's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Naoki_YoshidaView Post
Hello, FFXIV Producer/Director Yoshida here.

First off, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone for their feedback on the "Jumping Potion," which I recently discussed in various interviews across Japan, North America, and Europe.

The community’s feedback is extremely important when determining whether to implement a feature or not. Of course, these decisions are not solely decided based on the feedback that is presented in the official forums. However, regarding this topic, we want to make the final decision after we look at it from all angles.

To further discuss this matter, I would like to provide the intentions and specifications of the "Jumping Potion" that is currently available in the Chinese and Korean versions of FINAL FANTASY XIV. Although it is quite lengthy, it would be great if you could take a moment of your time and read through the details.
Intentions Behind Implementing the Jumping Potion

The main reason we decided to implement the "Jumping Potion" was to "make it easier for the newer players to catch up with the rest of the community."

It has been over three years since we launched FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn. Once Stormblood is released, in order for the new players to catch up to existing players, they would have to complete the main quests for both A Realm Reborn and Heavensward, level up their job to 60, and then collect the appropriate gear.

For example, if I was to attempt to convince my friend to play Stormblood, the obvious response would be "Even if I wanted to, it would be impossible to catch up if I was to start now." While I’ll do my best to make sure my friend can catch up as soon as possible, I would still like to enjoy the existing content and make sure I don't fall behind myself. At this point, I would feel like there's a limit to how much I can help.

If my friend was bumped up to level 60, then I can help them level up even further, go through the main story, and enjoy Stormblood with my friend while leveling up one of my additional jobs.

Simply put, this is the main intention of implementing a "Jumping Potion."

Including the free trial version, we are seeing several thousand new players play FINAL FANTASY XIV every day. While FINAL FANTASY XIV might be one of those games wherein new players can catch up to the top-end of the players relatively easy, not everyone has a lot of free time to spend on the game. A lot of people enjoy gaming as much as they can with their limited free time while managing their busy lives.

While people will be able to catch up even easier after the release of Stormblood with the adjustments we will make to the amount of experience points obtained, it would still require a lot of time just to reach the starting point of Stormblood.

If an MMORPG is not able to recruit new players, all that is left is for the game to stabilize and eventually go on a decline. At that moment, the type of operation of the game would shift to one that works hard to slow down the pace of decline. To prevent the game from reaching that point, we would like to prepare as much as we can for the potential new players that may be interested in the game.

Furthermore, due to the Armoury System in FINAL FANTASY XIV, players are able to experience all the classes and jobs that are available on a single character. While there are a lot of players that have every class/job leveled up all the way, there are also players that only have time to level up one job. We believe the “Jumping Potion” would become an incentive to try other classes/jobs. Additionally, players would not have to worry as much about spending time on leveling and focus on gearing up their alternate class/job by visiting existing content and ultimately, increase the clear rate of the existing content.

It would also make it easier for players that stopped playing the game to come back and enjoy the new content.

These potions are currently implemented in the Chinese and Korean versions of the game, but not the global version. Online games are particularly huge in China and Korea and this type of service is provided commonly among online games released in these regions. We implemented the service in the Chinese and Korean versions of the game to make sure the game can stay competitive in their online gaming markets.

Additionally, this service is recently becoming much more popular in MMORPGs released in North America and Europe.

Please note that I only mentioned the positives in this portion of the explanation because we were specifically going over our original intentions with regard to implementing the feature.

The types of Jumping Potions

While often referred to as a “jumping potion,” we are actually separating this into two different potions that have different effects, so with that said I would first like to define what they are and clarify the main points that will be discussed.

1. Story Skip Potion
This is a potion that will allow you to complete the progress of the main story, and it’s a shortcut through the main scenario.

This is currently on sale for the Chinese and Korean versions of the game under the name of "Adventuring Records of A Realm Reborn." By purchasing this item and using it, it allows you to automatically clear through the final main scenario quest of Patch 2.55, "Before the Dawn." I'll speak more on the specifics of how it works below.

Furthermore, we’re in the midst of developing the "Adventuring Records of Heavensward" item for the Chinese and Korean versions. This is also a potion that will allow you to clear the main scenario quests through the end of Patch 3.5 Part 2.

To compare this to a television series, season one is A Realm Reborn, season two is Heavensward, and the newest expansion Stormblood will be season 3. With this potion, you'll be watching the memoirs of season 1 and 2 from an inn, and then actually watching season 3. Naturally you will have to actually watch the latest season, so the short cut will only allow you to skip through to the end of the previous season.

2. Job Jump Potion
This is a job leveling potion that can be applied towards a single job. We’ve prepared the potions on a job to job basis such as “Adventuring Records of the Paladin” and “Adventuring Records of the Warrior,” so it’s not the case that you will be able to use a single potion and instantly max out all of the jobs.

By purchasing and using this potion, the respective job will jump to level 50. (When Stormblood goes on sale, this will be upgraded to a potion that will jump the job up to level 60, and we plan to eliminate the current level 50 potion.) Furthermore, at the moment we also distribute weapons at a certain item level to go along with this, as well as multiple silver chocobo feathers, which can be exchanged for item level 130 equipment of your choosing. This will equip that job with the minimum equipment needed.

With this potion, the player will have to experience the main scenario for themselves, so the main usage would be for those people who want to increase their level to the previous level cap and/or level up additional jobs a bit more efficiently.

There are no potions for machinist, dark knight, and astrologian since these require the expansion, and we’re still discussing whether we will add them with the release of Stormblood. We’ve already decided that we will not be including potions for the new jobs that are going to be implemented with Stormblood. (This is based on the core principle that we want players to level the new jobs themselves.)

Details on How the Jump Potions Work

Based on the above, I'd like to take a moment to explain in detail how the two potions work for the Chinese and Korean versions of the game.

・Story skip potion "Adventuring Records of A Realm Reborn"
Requirements for purchasing "Adventuring Records of A Realm Reborn"

1. Must have an active service account and have created a character.
2. The account must be paying the monthly subscription fee (free trial accounts are not eligible).

Only when fulfilling the above two requirements can the potion be purchased via the Mog Station. (The item will be delivered via Mog Letter, so you will have to have access to a Delivery Moogle.)

When using this potion, the following will occur.

1. The quest "Before the Fall" will be set as cleared, and you will be able to undertake the main scenario quest "Coming to Ishgard."
2. You will automatically join the Grand Company of your starting city-state (starting at the lowest rank).
3. You will automatically be given a personal chocobo (a generic name will be given to it).
4. All aetherytes for A Realm Reborn will be unlocked.
5. All dungeons implemented up to Patch 2.55 will be set as cleared.
6. The Unending Journey, which can be used at inns and such, will be entirely unlocked for everything that was completed.
7. Unlock quests for the minimum required features will be set as cleared.

Anyone that has yet to clear "Before the Dawn" is able to use this potion. Even if you've stopped playing while you were progressing through the main scenario quests of Patch 2.4, the potion will yield the same effect; however, if you already belong to a Grand Company and/or have a chocobo, your existing status will take priority over the potion's effect.

Additionally, since it will be possible to use the Unending Journey, you'll be able to experience the portions of the story that was skipped in a digest format. In order to make it possible to use each of the different roulettes, the dungeons for A Realm Reborn are set as cleared.

While there is a difference between the item price in China and Korea, this potion is around 2500 Japanese yen as of right now.

・Job jump potion "Adventuring Records of the Paladin" (I’ll use paladin as an example here.)
Requirements for purchasing "Adventuring Records of the Paladin."

1. Must have an active service account and have created a character.
2. The account must be paying the monthly subscription fee (free trial accounts are not eligible).

Only when fulfilling the above two requirements can the potion be purchased via the Mog Station. (The item will be delivered via Mog Letter, so you will have to have access to a Delivery Moogle.)

When using this potion, the following will occur.

1. Paladin’s base class, gladiator, will become level 50.
2. The secondary class required for paladin, conjurer, will become level 15.
3. A sword of a certain item level will be distributed (item level 120 for the Korean version).
4. Paladin’s job stone will be distributed.
5. The job quests for paladin will be set as cleared up to the level 50 quest. (Actions will also be given.)
6. An item that worth roughly 300,000 gil that cannot be traded will be distributed as funds for equipment.
7. Multiple silver chocobo feathers will be distributed, which can be exchanged for equipment.

When using this potion, there are no restrictions such as only being able to use it on your starting class, and we've made it so job quests are completed so you are ready for battle at level 50. By exchanging the silver chocobo feathers, you'll be able to procure the minimum required gear of your choosing.

Nothing else will happen other than the above, so with this potion, you can boost your job level and just enjoy the main scenario. You can think of this as starting a new game as a stronger character. Since there is the level sync feature for each of the dungeons and trials, you'll be able to learn your job while you progress through the story as well.

Having separate job potions is something unique to FFXIV. This is because the requirement to change to a specific job and the necessary equipment for each job is different per job, and also because leveling all jobs at the same time with a single potion is too much of a shortcut.

Similar to the story skip potion, this is about 2500 Japanese yen per job.

For the Korean version there is also a story skip potion and job jump potion set, and this is an option sold only for new players and returners as a starter pack.

Finalized Changes to the Feature upon the Release of Stormblood

As I stated previously, the specifications mentioned above are for the potions in the Chinese and Korean versions of the game. We've decided that the potions will change in following ways for the Chinese and Korean versions upon the launch of Stormblood.

  • The story jumping potion will become the “Adventuring Records of Heavensward.” (we are currently discussing whether or not to keep "Adventuring Records of A Realm Reborn").
  • Upon using the “Adventuring Records of Heavensward,” the player character will have completed the main quest up to the final quest in patch 3.5 part 2, as well as accepting the initial main quest for Stormblood.
  • The "Adventuring Records of Heavenward" can only be purchased if the player has purchased and registered their copy of the Heavenward expansion.
  • Players will be able to boost one job to level 60 with the job jumping potion (the level 50 version of the potion will be removed).
  • The gear that the players will receive will be changed to level 60 gear for the corresponding job upon purchasing the job jump potion.

We are still discussing whether to add potions for machinist, dark knight, and astrologian, if we want to keep the “Adventuring Records of A Realm Reborn” option, and other points, so we’ll be sure to update you once the details are finalized.

Summary up until now

I'd like to summarize what has been discussed up until now.

Case 1: Those who are new to the game and wish to catch up to friends who are already playing
1. Create a character and ensure your service account is active.
2. Purchase the job potion of your choosing, and make that job level 50.
3. Add the rights for playing the Heavensward expansion.
4. Purchase and use the “A Realm Reborn Adventuring Records.”
5. The total cost is around 5000 yen (not including the expansion and subscription fees).

This lets you reach level 50 and begin on the main scenario quests for Heavensward. From here on out you can aim to reach level 60 together with your friends and progress through the Heavensward story.

Case 2: Those who are new and want to progress through the main scenario efficiently.
1. Create a character and ensure your service account is active.
2. Purchase the job potion of your choosing, and make that job level 50.
3. Progress through the main scenario.
4. The total cost is around 2500 yen (not including the expansion and subscription fees).

In this scenario you will be able to progress through the main scenario at a quick pace and experience the story.

Case 3: Those who are new and just want to enjoy leveling.
1. Create a character and ensure your service account is active.
2. Add the Heavensward expansion.
3. Purchase the “A Realm Reborn Adventuring Records.”
4. The total cost is around 2500 yen (not including the expansion and subscription fees).

In this case, the A Realm Reborn main scenario will be completed, and you will be free to enjoy leveling a job through various content and side quests.
As you can see from the above, while this allows any type of new player to catch up, it places them right before the latest expansion. From there on out they will have to raise their characters and collect equipment. We’ve also made it so there is an option to progress through the main scenarios with a stronger character and catch up to everyone while the story is enjoyed.

These potions are an optional purchase, and it will not be very cheap to purchase both of them. The price has not been set this way looking for profits, but rather, it has been set the way it has to indicate our intention that these items are not those that anyone can use freely.

Presumed Negative Effects

Below are the presumed negative effects from implementing these potions.

Gap between player skills between existing players and new players

I believe the point majority of the players are most worried about is the part where you may expect to see more players who may not be used to their rotations. However, looking over the data collected from the Chinese and Korean versions, most of these players who have purchased the potions are those who are familiar with online gaming, or those who play with the support from their friends.

If we look at the number of players who fall within the below criteria (and calculating the percentage from data obtained after the start of Jumping Potion sales)...
  • Have just started playing
  • Have activated their account (i.e. have paid subscription fees)
  • Have purchased one of the job jumping potions
at most we see only about 27-29% of Korean/Chinese players making the potion purchase.

When purchasing the potions, a great number of the players made a purchase once they were familiar with the game after leveling to level 30 through the free trial or with an active account. With this said, we're seeing data that shows that there are not many instances of completely new players purchasing them.

I'm not saying its non-existent, but it's much lower that the worst case scenario that is being assumed.

However, once we begin the service for Stormblood, we can assume many players will jump to Heavensward, and these players will join at level 60, leading to a short period of time where there may be large skill gap between existing and new players.

There were about 20-21% percent of those who purchased story jump potions along with the above conditions. From those who have purchased the job jumping potions, it looks like there is a good amount of players who want to experience the main scenario themselves.

Additionally, from those who have purchased the potions, we can see that over 50% of the players have been playing longer than three months. Therefore, these potions are either helping motivate these players, or being purchased by players with high motivation.

Feeling of buying experience with money
For those who have never used these types of jumping potions, you may have this type of feeling towards this matter. Also, some may misunderstand this as Pay-to-Win. However, these measures were put in place to have these players get on the current standard; therefore, it isn’t there to hurt everyone’s play experience or time spent until now, and is in place to further expand the community. With that said, we understand this feeling may not go away from some players, so please be sure to leave your feedback.


While I personally have a positive outlook in regard to the implementation of these potions, I'm still worried. However, I predict that we will end up introducing this service at some point between the release of Stormblood and the expansion pack that comes after.

The current trend in the gaming market is for games to be easily accessible, played in short periods of time, and played and stopped whenever the players want. This is the exact opposite of an MMORPG in a sense.

I am not saying we want to make MMORPGs follow this trend; however, our job is to bolster operations so that as many new players as possible are able to play with everyone.

Please read through my post and leave your feedback. The decision and responsibility will be mine, but please let us know how you feel about this. If you have any questions, be sure to post those as well, and I'll be sure to follow-up!


As the content from Yoshida's message is quite long and detailed, we've opted to start a new thread that will help us when gathering feedback. You can find the new thread here.
Jump Potion...again
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Hello everyone,

Naoki Yoshida has made a post on the Japanese forums today about a jump potion. We will be working on a translation of said message and will post it in this thread once it is finished. Thank you for your patience!
Jump Potion...again
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It's the most wonderful time of the year, when people get together, songs are sung, poems recited and as much food as possible stuffed into bodies not made to hold even half of them. To bring everyone into the festive spirit, we'd like to hear your best Haikus about the Starlight Celebration!

FINAL FANTASY XIV (“Game”) Starlight Celebration Haiku Contest (“Contest”)

This Contest is being operated and promoted by:

Square Enix Limited registered in England and Wales with company number 01840186 (“Square Enix”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”) with registered address at 240 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NW

The Contest is only open to holders of an active FINAL FANTASY XIV service account (“Service Account”) during the Entry Period who are resident in a PAL Territory Country* (“Contestants”, “You”, “Your”). Contestants who are residents of France or Spain should refer to the Additional Specific Provisions under these Rules relevant to their country of residence.


PLEASE READ THESE RULES (“Rules”) CAREFULLY. By submitting an entry to the Contest you agree to accept and be bound by these Rules and the terms of any policies referred to in these Rules. We reserve the right to cancel or amend the Contest at any stage if deemed necessary in our opinion and/or if circumstances arise which are outside of our control.


Create a Haiku related to the theme of the Starlight Celebration (an in-game seasonal event).

What is a ‘Haiku’: A Haiku is a short form of Japanese poetry with three (3) lines alternating with five (5) syllables on the first line, seven (7) syllables on the second line and five (5) syllables on the third line.

Please see below for an example:

Fighting the Dodos (5 syllables)
Will there be an end to them (7 syllables)
The bane of my life (5 syllables)

How to Enter

Submit your Haiku related to the theme of Starlight Celebration (an in-game seasonal event) and post it in the dedicated contest participation thread here. Only one entry per person. If multiple entries are posted, only the first one submitted will be accepted. Entries cannot be edited after submission.

Contestants must include the following details of the in-game character to whom they wish to allocate the prize (“Character”):
  1. Character name;
  2. World name; and
  3. Choice of one (1) in-game Prize (as defined below).

Please note that if no Character name or world name is submitted, the Prize will be awarded and sent to the character visible on your forum handle. If no Prize is selected, we will select a prize from the list on your behalf.

Accepted Entry Format

- The entry must be an original work that has never been submitted in any other Contest.
- You may include one (1) screenshot
- The entry must contain the exact number of syllables in each line (5-7-5).

Entry Period

16 December 2016 12:00 p.m. (GMT) to 4 January 2017 10:00 a.m. (GMT)

*Please note that the in-game seasonal event ends on 31 December 2016 at 14:59 (GMT)

Entry Requirements

Contestants must possess an active Service Account and have access to a working internet connection and web browser in order to be able to enter. Contestants are responsible for all connection charges associated with the internet connection and subscription fees associated with the registration for a Service Account. Contestants must ensure that their contact information is correct at the time of registration for a Service Account, during and after submission of their Entry.

Contestants must accept our privacy policy located here and cookies policy located here. Contestants must have a permanent residence in a PAL Territory Country. Contestants under the age of 18 must obtain the permission of a legal guardian before submitting entries. The Contest is not open to employees, directors or other officers of Square Enix or its respective affiliates, agents, media partners and suppliers.

Winner Selection

The FFXIV EU Community Team will select one hundred (100) of the best entries from the official Final Fantasy XIV forum languages (English/French/German) based on overall creativity and humour (“Winners”).

Winners will be announced on the forum on or after 18 January 2017 (“Announcement Date”). Once the Winners are announced, Prizes will be delivered to each Winner via the in-game Moogle delivery service (which may be subject to change at our discretion).

We will award Winners with one (1) of the below FINAL FANTASY XIV virtual prize (the “Prize”)*:
  • Scarf of Wondrous Wit
  • Ahriman Choker
  • Mandragora Choker
  • Bluebird Earrings
  • Noble Barding

*We reserve the right, at all times, to vary or modify the above list.

Name:  04scarf_02.jpg
Views: 12
Size:  63.5 KBName:  Ahriman_Slant_1 (1).jpg
Views: 13
Size:  78.3 KB
Name:  mandora_001.jpg
Views: 12
Size:  59.8 KBName:  Bluebird Earring.jpg
Views: 12
Size:  56.1 KB
Name:  Prize05.jpg
Views: 10
Size:  48.5 KB

The Prize is a virtual prize with no monetary value and cannot be sold or transferred to third parties. The Prize is only transferable to characters linked to the Contestant’s Service Account.

We reserve the right to re-distribute any Prizes that remain unclaimed. No alternative prize shall be provided in place of the Prize.

Inappropriate Submissions
Entries containing obscenity, vulgarity, discrimination, or any other offensive subject matter and/or containing any plagiarized or copyrighted material will not be considered by the judges. Entries which infringe upon copyright/intellectual property, personal credit, privacy, are counter to public order and/or morals, are judged to be grossly deviant from the established theme, do not contain all of the required information or contain erroneous information may face disqualification. Square Enix reserves the right to judge whether or not material is appropriate for public display.

Additional Specific Provisions
Contestants resident in FRANCE:

In accordance with the 6th January 1978 data protection and freedom of information law n° 78-17, we inform you that you have the right to access, rectify and delete information concerning you, by requesting it in writing to the Promoter.

Contestants resident in SPAIN:
The name of the winner will be sent to anyone who requests the same within three (3) months of the Closing Date and by entering the Competition you hereby agree that the Promoter shall be permitted to do so if you are the winner. Requests should be made via the Square Enix Support Centre.



In the event that an entry violates a third-party’s copyright, the user’s Service Account may be suspended or cancelled. All entries and other materials (the "Entry Materials") (including all copyright, trademark, and other proprietary rights associated therewith) submitted by you become the property of Square Enix upon submission, and Entry Materials will not be returned to any contestant. In consideration of our acceptance and review of your Entry Materials into the Contest, you hereby assign to Square Enix absolutely all right, title and interest for the full duration of copyright in and to the Entry Materials throughout the world. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you acknowledge that Square Enix Europe will own all rights to use, modify, and make derivative works of the Entry Materials, without separate compensation to you or any other person or entity. You agree to take, at Square Enix’s expense, any further action (including, without limitation, execution of affidavits and other documents) reasonably requested by Square Enix to effect, perfect, or confirm Square Enix's ownership rights as set forth above in this paragraph. Entry Materials may be used by contestants only for purposes of the Contest or for private, personal, non-public viewing. Entry materials received by Square Enix may be destroyed by Square Enix at any time following the Contest.

Governing Law
These Rules and all or any dispute arising from them shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.
This looks like such a great event.
I hope many enjoy the fruits of your labor!

After stowing your weapons of war and magic, you took your chances on wielding the arms of an interior designer. Like the many trials and tribulations you have already faced as the Warriors of Light, once more the time of judgement is upon us.

Forgive my flair for the dramatic! This brings the "Eorzean Home Makeover (Extreme)" Contest to an end.

Please note that the winners of this contest will be announced on or around Monday, December 19th 2016.

We appreciate all of your hard work and participation in this contest, and look forward to viewing your warm winter homes!

We would like to thank everyone for stopping by yesterday's episode of Culling Time, including those of you from Excalibur who came out to participate in our custom matches of The Feast.

It was a great deal of fun spectating your matches, including the 4 v 4 All-Warrior death match (so many Holmgangs!) and the "no healers, no tanks and no.... gear??" team face-off. We look forward to what other fun compositions you all may come up with for your own custom matches in the future!

Please feel free to share any feedback you may have in regards to Culling Time, as well as what World you'd be interested in us visiting next.

See you all next time on Culling Time!
Greetings, Bartleby!

You are more than welcome to bring your own light party! For those who may come individually, we'll also be forming random light parties from participants hanging out at the Wolves' Den Pier looking to join us.

Essentially, we can do both! You're even welcome to bring two parties of four if you'd like to battle it out with your friends while we spectate.

We look forward to seeing you there!
The next episode of Culling Time approaches!

Are you an adventurer on Excalibur? If you are, we'd like to invite you to join us for some custom Feast matches that we'll be spectating live on the official FINAL FANTASY XIV Twitch channel!

Whether you're a wide-eyed pup or the most skilled wolf, we'd love to have you come by and participate. We'll also be inviting adventurers to spectate matches with us if you'd like to see how it works for yourself.

See you this Thursday on Culling Time!

Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. (PST) / 6:00 p.m. (EST) / 23:00 (GMT)

The official FINAL FANTASY XIV Twitch Channel (
For the GameStop Campaign
First of all, apologies for the delayed reply, but confirming these things usually takes some time. I can confirm that the campaign has now started in its entirety, and as such, codes will also be available from

To recap:
Codes are available in store in Germany, Switzerland and Austria when making a purchase worth at least 19.99 EUR or 24.90 CHF in a brick and mortar GameStop store.

Codes are available from as well. Those will be sent out the following Tuesday. As such, they won't be instantaneous, but you will definitely get them. If you have already made a purchase and not gotten a code, no worries - if you have made the purchase on or after November 22, you will get your code next Tuesday!

Hopefully that clears it up

For the situation in the Netherlands
We are currently looking into this. Please bear with us as we're trying to get a definitive answer.
Greetings, interior decorators of Eorzea!

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Quote Originally Posted by AshieeView Post
Can we use any room size (like a mansion or a small house) or does it need to be a FC room/Apartment?
Apologies if this wasn't clear, but as mentioned in the detailed rules, all submissions must be taken from either a player's private chambers or apartment in order to qualify. Entries determined to be taken from other housing areas will be disqualified.

Best of luck to you all!

Latest Lodestone News

Patch 3.5 Notes (Full Release)
Visit News Post - January 16, 2017, 11:30 am
We are pleased to announce that the patch notes for Patch 3.5 - The Far Edge of Fate have been released in their entirety. Be sure to pore over the comprehensive list of additions and refinements to the realm of Eorzea, including new story quests, dungeons, and more!

View the patch notes.
DUTY COMMENCED Episode 15 Archived and Ready!
Visit News Post - January 16, 2017, 4:00 am
The fifteenth episode of the North American community team’s DUTY COMMENCED has been archived! Couldn’t join the team live this time? No worries! The episode has been stored on the official FINAL FANTASY XIV Twitch channel and can be watched over and over at your whim.

Curious to find out what jobs were most popular in 2016? What items were most purchased on the market board? Which minion was the rarest? Then look no further, because we’ve got the Eorzea census to answer your burning questions! We also discussed the recent Tokyo Fan Festival, so be sure to check out the archived footage!

View the archived video on the official Twitch channel.
FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood Pre-order Announcement
Visit News Post - January 13, 2017, 10:30 am
FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood pre-orders are set to begin on Tuesday, January 24, 2017! In advance of this, we'll be offering everyone a detailed look at the collector's edition, and other pre-order bonuses in this special broadcast!

We will also cover various points to keep in mind when pre-ordering, so be sure to check it out.

Read on for details.
* The URL for the broadcast has been added.
Heavensturn Event Reminder
Visit News Post - January 13, 2017, 10:00 am
The Heavensturn celebration will be ending on Monday, January 16th. Don't miss this chance to celebrate the changing of the celestial vanguard and earn special rewards!

Moreover, maintenance for patch 3.5 will begin on Monday, January 16 at 2:00 a.m. (PST), so join in on the fun now before it's too late.

Read on for details.
Patch 3.5 Notes (Preliminary)
Visit News Post - January 13, 2017, 9:15 am
Patch 3.5 brings a multitude of additions and refinements to the realm of Eorzea. See what fate has in store for the reunited Scions. Topple the final pillar of the Warring Triad, Zurvan, or investigate the abandoned refuge of Dun Scaith. Gear up in armor inspired by Garo to challenge your fellow adventurers in PvP. And if you've had trouble finding companions, fret no longer─the party finder can pair you with players anywhere in the same data center! So gather your forces, and prepare for new adventures in the realm of Eorzea!

* Additions have been made to the patch 3.5 notes, which can now be viewed in their entirety.
The “Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXIV” Digest Released!
Visit News Post - January 13, 2017, 4:00 am
We’re proud to announce that the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXIV event digest has been released!

If you weren’t able to watch the live stream, or if you just want to watch it again, take a look below.

Proceed to the thread.
Updates to Dueling and Frontline
Visit News Post - January 12, 2017, 8:00 am
Patch 3.5 will include updates to both Dueling and Frontline.

Read on for details.
Announcing DUTY COMMENCED Episode 15!
Visit News Post - January 10, 2017, 5:00 am
The fifteenth episode of DUTY COMMENCED is coming! The North American community team will be reporting on the recent Fan Festival 2016 in Tokyo, sharing data from the Eorzea Census 2016, and holding a giveaway for special FFXIV-themed goodies!

Read on for details on how to view the broadcast!
Patch 3.5 – The Far Edge of Fate Trailer is Now Live!
Visit News Post - January 6, 2017, 8:00 am
While the threat of the Warriors of Darkness is no longer, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn are not without their losses. Torn apart at the seams, their ranks are only held together by the arrival of new and powerful allies. As they recuperate and restructure, once more do the men and women sworn to protect Eorzea look to the horizons only to see the ominous clouds in the distance roiling towards them.

From the border between the Black Shroud and Gyr Abania, a pillar of dark smoke coils into the sky and a dread enemy stirs. To the east, unrest has gripped the sacred lands of Sohm Al, which is being overrun by beastly intruders. And high above the cloud tops, Diabolos rises from the ashes once more intent on claiming Dun Scaith as his very own.

Great trials and even greater rewards await those brave enough to return to the forefronts of battle, and players will have a chance to get their hands on exclusive items, such as PvP gear inspired by the hit Japanese TV show, Garo!

View the trailer.
Dun Scaith Preview
Visit News Post - January 5, 2017, 8:05 am
In today’s patch 3.5 preview, we’ll be looking at Dun Scaith: an all-new 24-player alliance raid and follow up to The Weeping City of Mhach.

Read on for details.
Side Story Quest Preview
Visit News Post - January 5, 2017, 8:00 am
In today’s patch 3.5 preview, we give you a glimpse of Hildibrand─devourer of brains and undead overlord extraordinare─on his latest case, along with new developments at the scholasticate.

Read on for details.
New Year's Greetings!
Visit News Post - January 1, 2017, 8:00 am

FFXIV Producer and Director Yoshi-P here to wish you all a Happy New Year!

I hope each and every one of you is enjoying the holiday season.
I imagine that you’ll all be ringing in the new year in your own way: adventuring in Eorzea, spending time with friends and loved ones in the real world, wrapping up warm on your couches watching TV.

All of us here on the FFXIV team are enjoying some long-awaited time off, after running ourselves ragged putting on the Fan Festival in Tokyo last month.

As for myself, I’ve finally had the time to get back to playing FFXIV. It’s been a blast going around getting new mounts, trying to collect even more anima weapons, and chatting away with friends.
I’ve really just been relaxing in Eorzea. Having the time to leisurely play through a game truly is one of life’s little pleasures.

Looking back on 2016, it has really been a fruitful year for the game. We wrapped up the Dragonsong War story that began in Heavensward, as well as creating new experiences like the deep dungeon.
It’s been three years since ARR’s release and I feel like this past year has been one where we were able to take on new challenges, while continuing to provide a consistent, stable experience.

At the second Fan Festival in Las Vegas we announced the upcoming Stormblood expansion, and recently revealed further details at the Tokyo event.
That we will be delivering another major expansion is a sign of how stable and prosperous Eorzea has become. This in turn provides us the time and resources we need to consistently bring you new adventures.
I want to take this chance to express my thanks once again to all you Warriors of Light out there that have made this possible.

At this point, we’ve mostly finished fine-tuning the new additions that will be included in the Far Edge of Fate Part 1 and Part 2 patches. All that’s left now is to make sure there are no bugs before we push the new patch live.
What trials and tribulations lie in wait for the Warrior of Light and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn? Keep your eyes peeled for further developments before the patch drops!
(Make sure you also don’t miss the Far Edge of Fate trailer we’ll be releasing in the near future.)

But what’s this!? Just as I was enjoying my time back in Eorzea, a strange hooded man has handed me a piece of parchment that seems to have a poem written on it…

What new adventures and encounters await the Warrior of Light in 2017?
Experience them for yourself as FINAL FANTASY XIV moves full steam ahead!

Naoki Yoshida

Party Finder Update
Visit News Post - December 27, 2016, 8:30 am
With the release of patch 3.5, the Party Finder will be expanded to allow players to search for parties across all Worlds on the same data center.

An option to form private parties will also be available for those looking to play with friends on the same World or a different one.

Read on for details.
Egi Glamours
Visit News Post - December 27, 2016, 8:00 am
Starting with patch 3.5, summoners will gain the ability to change their egi's appearance. The update includes glamours for Emerald Carbuncle, Topaz Carbuncle, and Ruby Carbuncle, with more scheduled for future patches.

Read on for details.
New Optional Items Available!
Visit News Post - December 27, 2016, 2:00 am
New optional items have been added to the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station!

Read on for details.
Celebrate with the Tori Bugyo This Heavensturn!
Visit News Post - December 26, 2016, 8:05 am
With Heavensturn upon us, the Twelve convene once more to decide who amongst them shall ascend the throne and take up the reins for the coming year. As the deities on high discuss matters of the divine, Far Eastern delegates arrive on Eorzean soil, intent on celebrating the advent of the new year with a different figurehead─the chocobo. Unfortunately for them, local citizens are far from enthusiastic to join in on their festivities and their leader, the tori buygo, makes one last-ditch attempt to garner interest. Join their cause, and be rewarded with not only a shower of smiles and praise, but also one-of-a-kind equipment from the far side of the sea.

Read on for details.
Zurvan Battle Preview
Visit News Post - December 26, 2016, 7:30 am
Today's patch 3.5 preview will give players a peek at the battle with Zurvan, the final pillar of the Warring Triad.

Read on for details.
Mog Station Winter Sale Ending Soon!
Visit News Post - December 22, 2016, 12:00 pm
The winter sale on optional items will be coming to an end on December 26 at 4:00 p.m. (PST). Don’t miss out on the chance to take advantage of these festive bargains!

Read on for details.
Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXIV
Visit News Post - December 21, 2016, 9:00 am
FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival 2016 in Tokyo is right around the corner, and the schedule for the Letter from the Producer LIVE has been set. Don't miss this chance to get the latest information to come out of Eorzea!

Read on for details.
Dungeon Preview
Visit News Post - December 20, 2016, 10:05 am
Patch 3.5 is on the way, and today we offer you a glimpse of Baelsar's Wall, as well as the hard mode of Sohm Al.

Read on for details.
  • En échange de sceau de compagnie (4000)
  • Dans les cartes trésor Wyverne

You need to finish the quest chain for highbridge - Prelude, Act 1 and Boss fight. Chachamun will then respawn with different items including Tiny Rat and Fleeting Rays OS

I harvest two of these from one pot using grade 3 Shroud topsoil and 1 of each pomace.

I harvested 2 of these using grade 3 Shroud topsoil and 1 of each pomace.

I bought 5 of these and got,

  • 2 Magitek Gunship (**)
  • 1 Magitek Vanguard (**)
  • 1 Magitek Predator (***)
  • 1 Sky Armor (***)

From the Behemouth plushie coming soon to/in the Square Enix store.

As of patch 3.5 (part one) this is used to craft the new Paissa Floor Lamp (CRP) housing item.

Is now available via Curious Crop exchange in the Housing districts. You need Voidrake, which can be grown very quickly from seeds purchased in the same area

Is now available via Curious Crop exchange in the housing districts in return for Voidrake

You can craft the "Diabolos Miniature" and the "Scathach Miniature" with it. Both goldsmith, non-specialist, 3star crafts.

Can be bought with Free Company seals from the OIC Quartermasters in Limsa Lominsa only.

Sold by:
Mist (X:11.0 Y:11.4) – Material Supplier
The Lavender Beds (X:11.9 Y:8.3) – Material Supplier
The Goblet (X:10.9 Y:8.9) – Material Supplier
Apartment Lobby - Housing Merchant

Used to grow Cloud Acorn. Shroud Topsoil 3 gives 10 of them at once.

Sold by:
Mist (X:11.0 Y:11.4) – Material Supplier
The Lavender Beds (X:11.9 Y:8.3) – Material Supplier
The Goblet (X:10.9 Y:8.9) – Material Supplier
Apartment Lobby - Housing Merchant

Used to grow the flowers for the <color> Cherry Blossom Corsage.

It says Highbridge as "Where to find it", but I see only 4 items on Chachamun, the only merchant present there and none are it...

Dropped in Dun Scaith as extra chest after final boss. Xivdb entry notes it cannot be sold, not true - it can be sold for 28 gil. Anyone know what this is for yet?

Comes from gardening. Seed (cutting) can be bought from the Material Sellers in housing wards. Appears to crop in 24hrs.

Possible additional final chest reward from's+wall.

Maximum capacity : 2

2 small fish or 1 medium fish

Can be challenged in Triple Triad.

Availability: 5pm-11pm
Special Conditions: Maximum Reputation with the Vanu Vanu Beast Tribe.
Cards Available to Win: and

Khloe provides you with your Wondrous Tails journal each week. You also hand in your finished journals to her to obtain your reward.

This NPC will give you information and lore on all 5 hunt marks that spawn within

Grinmox is the NPC to go to when upgrading any Disciple of Hand or Land scrip gear using or

Seika is the NPC to go to when upgrading any of the Heavensward Tomestone/Hunt Seal gear.

You can also challenge her to Triple Triad.
Availability: 2pm-8pm
Special Conditions: None
Cards Available to Win:,, and

entrance can be found at 15.9 / 22.2

Located at the "Quickspill Delta" fishing hole in The Dravanian Hinterlands, x11.5, y27.6, (a very large area centralised over these coordinates).
Time of Day: 10pm-2am
Weather: * See note in description.
Bait: No. No.
Folklore Book:
Caught with 801 Gathering, 640 Perception.

You must first mooch a High Quality in order to catch this fish. It was about an 8–10 second cast time with a light tug, and requires Precision Hookset if Patience is being used. Then use Powerful Hookset to catch Madam Butterfly.

A note about the weather. Comments on the fishing database say that this fish requires a weather transition from Rain to Clear Skies. I also caught Madam Butterfly during Clear Skies right after a Rain window. However, the current fish trackers do not reflect this weather transition. If anyone is able to catch Madam Butterfly without needing Rain weather beforehand, please comment.

Located at "The Flagship" fishing hole in Azys Lla, x22, y22.
Time of Day: Any Time
Weather: * See note in description.
Bait: No. No.
Folklore Book:'s+spine
Caught with 801 Gathering, 640 Perception.

This is caught by mooching a High Quality One of the more annoying things about this fishing spot is that the at this spot has the same tug strength, cast time, and catch percentage which will inevitably mean a loss of GP when trying to use Precision Hookset with Patience.

A note about the weather. While the current timers at the main Fishing Database and Garland Fisher do not reflect this, I am convinced that this fish can only be caught when Cloudy weather transitions into Thunder. There are many comments on the fishing database to back up this claim, and I was only able to get the fish to bite under this specific weather transition. If anyone else has caught this fish in a Thunder window that came right after a Clear Skies or another Thunder window, please comment.

All know locations:
(x14,y26), (x4,y16), (x8,y20), (x30,y12), (x17,y29), (x19,y18), (x9,y27), (x22,y8), (x28,y25), (x28,y14), (x11,y13), (x32, y23), (x24,y21), (x32,y7), (x28, y11)

Coerthas Western Highlands ( 32.5 , 27.3 ) Z: 0.8

  • All weather / time
  • Snagging on (not sure)
  • Brute leech
  • Legendary tug

Coerthas Western Highlands ( 9.1 , 10.3 ) Z: 0.4

  • All weather / time
  • Brute leech
  • Snagging
  • Legendary tug

Located at the "Mok Oogl Island" fishing hole in The Sea of Clouds, x15, y6.
Time of Day: Any Time
Weather: ->
Bait: No. No.
Folklore Book:'s+spine
Caught with 801 Gathering, 640 Perception.

To catch this fish, you must first catch a High Quality It has a relatively fast hook time. If using, you will need to use Then use to snag the Basking Shark. It's a pretty standard wait time for a legendary fish, with the normal legendary fish tug. should be the one to use if necessary, although I was able to catch this fish without Patience on, so I cannot confirm for sure.

The specific weather transition window is quite rare, so use an outside source for proper weather tracking such as

Legendary tug (like Mountain Kraken). No Fish Eyes needed, but might be handy to catch Mountain Kraken for desynthesis.
You do need Snagging. Any time, any weather.

As of Patch 3.4, it is no longer required to be a Weaver Specialist in order to craft this item. As long as you meet the minimum stat requirement of 870 Craftsmanship and 835 Control, you can craft it.

Sold by the housing merchant in The Goblet

Sold by the Housing Merchant in Mist

Should I must be tailor specialist to create this item? Thx.

This achievement and the Miner equivalent ( are insane. I'm over half way towards unlocking the's+life+for+me:+greater+eorzea achievement yet I'm only on 2,520 HQ. This achievement requires 20,000 HQ. Assuming a HQ rate of around 20%, this one will take a total of 100,000 successful gathering attempts - that's 25,000 trees!

Kudos to the 55 of you who already have this monster of an achievement...

1 hour of farm: 168 dhalmel hides, 161 dhalmel saliva, 128 dhalmel meat

To clarify, in order to have both the male and female sets, you need 2 tickets total. For example: 1 physical ticket and 1 live stream ticket. Or, 2 live stream tickets. Or, 2 physical tickets. Etc...

If you want all 3 minions, You'll have to buy a ticket (physical or digital) for each Fan Fest location (Las Vegas, Tokyo, Frankfurt)

This is all regarding the 2016-2017 Fan Festival...for those of you possibly looking at this from the future ;) How was Stormblood? (Lol)

Leve Information:
Starting Location: ??? @ ??.?x ; ??.?y in Limsa Lominsa
Delivery Location: ??? @ ??.?x ; ??.?y in Quarrymill
Item required: Iron Frypan
EXP: 20,578 for NQ; 41,156 for HQ


Patience II - Precision Hookset for the Silverfish HQ - Powerful Hookset for the Assassin Beta HQ - Powerful Hookset for Kuno

Prefished my Goldfish HQ for the Canavan before the window.

Entwickler Blog - 7 days ago
Devblog #19: Gearset reset


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2 In-Game Events
[EN] 24man Dun Scaith
Host: Pashmana Rhys - Midgardsormr
Now Recruiting, Open to Midgardsormr
URLClick here to visit event page
StartsJanuary 22, 2017, 7:00 pm (UTC)
EndsJanuary 22, 2017, 8:30 pm (UTC)
Players 24 total players
TANKS: 2 - HEALERS: 5 - DPS: 15
[EN] F.c officers meeting
Host: Slayus Tanyon - Coeurl
Now Recruiting, Open to Coeurl
URLClick here to visit event page
StartsJanuary 24, 2017, 1:23 am (UTC)
EndsJanuary 24, 2017, 2:23 am (UTC)
Players 24 total players
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