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"Hey Everyone, Sorry for the late response, I know some of you wanted to celebrate your patriotism by blowing stuff up on July 4th. During the upcoming summer seasonal event, we are planning to..."
Forum Topic: Need Fireworks

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"Greetings! The team plans on gradually introducing the features found inside inns to private chambers. :)"
Forum Topic: Unending Journal and other inn room items for personal room!

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"Greetings, While there is a possibility we will look into adding additional achievements and rewards for commendations in the future, at the moment there are no plans for this."
Forum Topic: Yoshi.. where are my commendations reward at?

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"Ahoy there mateys, We sea that players would like the option to switch which eye their eye patches cover, aye! While it might not be possible to address all of the items that have been..."
Forum Topic: Suggestion: Moving the eye-patch to cover the right eye

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“PSN” Maintenance (Jul. 23/24)

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Recovery From North American/European Data Centre Several Worlds Technical Difficulties (Jul. 23)

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North American/European Data Centre Several Worlds Technical Difficulties (Jul. 23): Follow up

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All Worlds Emergency Maintenance (Jul. 23): Completion Time Change

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"Camate…always bragging about Maelstrom’s dominance, while I am just sitting in Frontline like, “Maybe we should go center everyone? >.>; OH! Never mind the enemy just captured our only flag. Q_Q” ..."
Forum Topic: Grand Companies Win/Loss Chances

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"Maelstrom just wins wins wins no matter what, it’s sea swallows all and I can never get enough… *Ahem*...Apologies for that outburst of totally biased Grand Company patriotism! Speaking of..."
Forum Topic: Grand Companies Win/Loss Chances

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Sainya Athete (Excalibur)    1hrs 51mins ago. view comment
@RafeAdrios Lol is all I have to say.
Seternity Freelove (Ragnarok)    1hrs 56mins ago. view comment
Can be available as an (insert your Grand company here) daily Provisioning Mission.
Mysterious Adventurer!    2hrs 52mins ago. view comment
ET20:50 Gathering 371, weather: fair, bait: spoon worm. mooched off of fullmoon sardine
Zero Grav (Malboro)    3hrs 6mins ago. view comment
Are these used for anything?
Sieg Reiner (Tonberry)    5hrs 40mins ago. view comment
From 100 minutes of fishing, I got 6 HQ and 7 NQ with 317 gathering 252 Perception (meld gear+hamlet puller's hat+halcyo ...
Mysterious Adventurer!    6hrs 8mins ago. view comment
@LokiBludcraven I'm usually catching one ever 30-45. Sometimes more. Could just be luck though.
Mysterious Adventurer!    8hrs 7mins ago. view comment
using @bmeinder's suggestion, 9 out of 10 catches were mitten crabs, rootslake and bronze lake i didn't catch any
Phoenix Rei (Leviathan)    12hrs 56mins ago. view comment
B rank, Central Shroud
Phoenix Rei (Leviathan)    13hrs 4mins ago. view comment
A rank, Outer La Noscea
Phoenix Rei (Leviathan)    14hrs 45mins ago. view comment
S rank, Central Thanalan
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