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"Greetings, Thanks for the feedback regarding the new mode. We’ve been gathering your feedback and presenting it to the dev. team. In regards specifically to Cometeor, we do want to let you know..."
Forum Topic: Ranged DPS dominating Slaughter Mode

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Recovery from ''PSN'' Technical Difficulties (Jan. 23)

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Recovery from Mana Data Centre World Technical Difficulties (Jan. 23)

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Actions Taken Against In-Game RMT & Other Illicit Activities (Jan. 23)

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"Greetings, We appreciate your feedback on the addition of the “Wait” button, I will be sure to forward it onto the devs. For now though, I would like to explain why this feature was added. ..."
Forum Topic: Wait as Default on Controllers

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"Greetings! I hope you are all enjoying Before the Fall. Wait... Why are you here reading this post and not enjoying Before the Fall!? Okay, you’re forgiven. Now on to the post! Soon after..."
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"We spoke with the dev. team regarding introducing bonuses like additional wolf marks and PvP exp. to the Frontline duty roulette and they said that they will be actively looking into it."
Forum Topic: Frontlines Roulette rewards

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Sakura Mizrahi (Behemoth)    59 minutes ago. view comment
East shroud > 5pm ET > Slot 1 > 450/450 for 1%HQ
Nekotee Ooyuki (Moogle)    2hrs 6mins ago. view comment
@snowvalkyrie Ok, so it's impossible to reach the maximum stat... good to know, need to choose then.
Mysterious Adventurer!    3hrs 11mins ago. view comment
This is mislisted, it's 2x venture, 1x moonstone.
Mysterious Adventurer!    3hrs 40mins ago. view comment
GL everyone !!
Mysterious Adventurer!    5hrs 2mins ago. view comment
24 26 head north from bluefog close to lvl 50 gathering nodes
Hale Storm (Masamune)    9hrs 42mins ago. view comment
location: Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (8,11)
Hale Storm (Masamune)    9hrs 46mins ago. view comment
You can start this quest at "Costa Del Sol" byspeaking to: Ellie @ location: Eastern La Noscea (32,30)
Mysterious Adventurer!    18hrs 4mins ago. view comment
Det caps at 31
Hezkezl Mewrilah (Hyperion)    19hrs 57mins ago. view comment
Received from the "Kirin Fife" item, which is rewarded from the "A Legend for a Legend" quest, unlocked when you have al ...
Mysterious Adventurer!    20hrs 37mins ago. view comment
3 x rolanberry lassi turn in item
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