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Mysterious Adventurer!    8hrs 21mins ago. view comment
Papana is in Rev's Toll X:22 Y:7 (you give/buy the books from her for your atma book quests) next to the one who gives y ...
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X:22 Y:6 Rev Tol the one you get the Morbid Motivation quest from
Mysterious Adventurer!    8hrs 27mins ago. view comment
Adkin can be found in Central Thanalan, up at the Bonfire near Mutamix X:23 Y:23
Taliho Silvershade (Mateus)    17hrs 33mins ago. view comment
Kaiser Knuckles in Metallic Blue dye
Hobo Goblin (Sargatanas)    17hrs 51mins ago. view comment
Mysterious Adventurer!    19hrs 60mins ago. view comment
recommend trying to camp this one during peak server hours so you can get a buddy or at least shout for help. easy clear ...
The Doctor (Sargatanas)    20hrs 46mins ago. view comment
Picture posted for reference.
Cocotte Arrow (Moogle)    21hrs 51mins ago. view comment
J'ai eu 4 Pomme de Xelphatol
Kyaan Waifu (Diabolos)    21hrs 53mins ago. view comment
obtained from the 2014 Starlight event.
Kyaan Waifu (Diabolos)    22hrs 19mins ago. view comment
available for purchase for 120,000gil at the Sahagin Vendor after obtained Reputation 4 (Trusted) with the Sahagin beast ...
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