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Greetings FINAL FANTASY XIV players. As many of you already know, we made a special announcement during the Q&A session held at PAX East regarding the relocation of our North American data center.

I understand that this news came as quite a surprise for many, and so I would like to take this opportunity to explain some of the reasons behind this decision, as well as how it will affect users.

Current Facilities
During development for A Realm Reborn, we strongly felt that the establishment of a North American data center was necessary to achieve the type of game experience we wished to provide. Though faced with a tight development and preparation schedule, we were able to realize our goal in time for ARR’s launch.

However, the endeavor hasn’t been without its challenges. The FINAL FANTASY XIV NA data center was Square Enix’s first attempt at establishing game servers outside of Japan, and as such, we have spent much time quietly tackling related problems since the center’s inception four years ago.

Some of these problems have included voltage overload and a lack of physical space for additional servers, ultimately leading to an inability to efficiently optimize servers or expand the scale of data center itself.

As a result, players have been repeatedly inconvenienced with server crashes and protracted server maintenance periods.
Reasons behind the Relocation
Thanks largely in part to support from our loyal fan base, FINAL FANTASY XIV has continued to exhibit steady growth, allowing for even larger company investment into the project. As has been previously announced, with the release of our upcoming expansion Stormblood, we are planning major updates and upgrades to our server system to allow not only for increased server efficiency, but also:
  • Increased inventory capacity
  • Worldless (cross-world) party matching and friend management
  • Additional content & increased field size for new areas
All which we hope will contribute to increased playability.

To achieve these goals and, in turn, be in a position to better provide our user base an ever-improving game experience via future updates, we came to the conclusion that it would be in the project’s best interest to heavily invest in a move to a new data center equipped with more modern facilities.

One section of the new data center.
Servers in the new data center.
While we are aware that many of you are curious as to the actual physical location of the new data center, please understand that for security reasons specific to the operation of an online game, we are unable to divulge that information to the public. What we can tell you is that the servers will remain on North American soil, in an area that features an advanced Internet infrastructure.
Changes to Ping* Times
In preparation for the move, we have conducted countless preliminary simulations and on-site verifications regarding ping times. However, due to the physical distance between the old and new data centers, players accessing the NA servers will most likely experience a change in their current ping times. While those who play FINAL FANTASY XIV closer to the new data center will see their ping time fall, those who are now further away from the servers may see those times increase.

FINAL FANTASY XIV was designed to be played in an environment featuring ping times of 200 – 220 milliseconds or less. Even if players experience an increase in ping times due to the data center relocation, as long as their times remain below 200 ms, then they may rest easy, for there should be no discernable difference in gameplay.

We expect that the players most likely to experience a significant increase in ping times will be those in Europe playing on an NA data center World. We will be working hard to minimize the anticipated increases, but there is the chance that based on their location, some players may be more severely affected by this relocation than others.
Data Center Relocation Schedule
The current plan is to conduct the relocation sometime in mid-May of 2017. Once a date has been solidified, we will make an official announcement on the Lodestone and via other channels.

In conjunction with the relocation, we expect a maximum downtime of 48 hours for those players using the NA servers. The EU and JP data centers will also experience downtime of up to 24 hours to allow for maintenance required to connect existing servers with the new NA data center. To compensate for play time lost, we are looking into extending all active account subscriptions by one day.
In Conclusion
It is rare for an online game, especially one that is currently operating with stability, to relocate data centers, even if the intention is to increase optimization and expandability while improving overall game experience. We did our best to explore options that would allow us to achieve these goals without having to move, but ultimately came to the conclusion that to ensure the continued growth of FINAL FANTASY XIV, relocation was the right choice.

In the coming months, there may be extended periods of maintenance. We humbly ask for your patience and thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we continue our work at providing our community with the best gaming environment possible.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Producer & Director, Naoki Yoshida

*”Ping” is the amount of time it takes data to make a round-trip journey from your PC/PS4 to the game servers and back.

Thank you for your feedback on the status of Seal Rock and Frontline. We understand your interest in this mode, and would like to share a comment Yoshida made during a previous interview. Yoshida mentioned the team has been discussing the future of Frontline and believe that adding a new map for Seal Rock may become one of their priorities.

Please continue to share your thoughts and ideas for future PvP content, and we'll be sure to pass it along to the dev. team.
Seal Rock...
36 posts  -  5,614 views
Hello again, Eorzeans.

We appreciate your continued feedback on the subject of unlocking the variances in appearance of the Hempen set across all races.

It looks like an overwhelming majority of you are very interested in this! As such, we have forwarded this feedback to the development team. In response, they would like to let you know that they are considering this for a future update!
Request to unlock Hempen set styles
653 posts  -  56,504 views
FabledFox's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by FabledFoxView Post
Hi! I had a really great time at the Fan Fest in Frankfurt. Thank you so much for your hard work!

I was really excited to find out that I made it into the top 10 of the Leisure category at the Art Gallery, since it was my personal goal to become one of the finalists. Since I was involved in this contest, I am very curious to find out who won! I know there were specific blog posts for the Japanese and American art contest finalists, and I've seen the cosplay contest blog entry, but I don't think the winners of the European art contest have been announced yet (?).

I had some personal favourites in the contest and I really want to know if they won first place! (I know it won't be me, but I am still dying to know the winners! I'm rooting for the stuffed animals in the Famous Characters category!)
Hello again!

In case you missed it, the art contest winners have been announced on the Lodestone
Winners of the Art Contest in Frankfurt?
2 posts  -  10,500 views
We've been seeing a lot of stars shining amongst one another but now is the time for us to decide who shined brightest!

All entries are now closed.
Thank you for participating in the Bright-Eyed Superstars Contest.
FabledFox's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by FabledFoxView Post
Hi! I had a really great time at the Fan Fest in Frankfurt. Thank you so much for your hard work!

I was really excited to find out that I made it into the top 10 of the Leisure category at the Art Gallery, since it was my personal goal to become one of the finalists. Since I was involved in this contest, I am very curious to find out who won! I know there were specific blog posts for the Japanese and American art contest finalists, and I've seen the cosplay contest blog entry, but I don't think the winners of the European art contest have been announced yet (?).

I had some personal favourites in the contest and I really want to know if they won first place! (I know it won't be me, but I am still dying to know the winners! I'm rooting for the stuffed animals in the Famous Characters category!)
Hello there!

Good to hear that you enjoyed the EU Fan Fest!

The art contest finalists will be revealed very soon, so keep your eyes peeled just a little bit longer
Winners of the Art Contest in Frankfurt?
2 posts  -  10,500 views

Thank you for the continued feedback in regard to the Quick Chat feature in The Feast. We have seen comments regarding the desire to have a form of "I'm running low on MP" added, as we gave as an example in our previous post, and we wanted to let you know that it is planned to be introduced in Season Four.

We'll continue to share your thoughts and comments with the team as they work to make further adjustments to the system. We appreciate the specific feedback and suggestions we've received up to this point!
New buttons need to be added in feast
57 posts  -  13,190 views
Sarmander's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by SarmanderView Post
Is it possible to get the original, higher-res photos that were taken of the cosplay competition entries? (The ones that were taken upon initial judging). I'd love to have mine to keep, since I haven't taken any photos of my outfit otherwise.
Hello there!

I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We will be uploading the cosplay contest finalist photos to our official Facebook page next week. You can download the high resolution photos from there easily! ^.^
Cosplay photos
1 posts  -  8,976 views
Hello, aspiring superstars!

I wanted to take some time to answer some questions I've found in this thread.

Aniya_Estlihn's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Aniya_EstlihnView Post
So long as the Songbird emote is being used, could we perhaps have other people using different dance emotes; like the moogle and gold dances, along with it in our entries? The idea I have for my group looks too static and rather... dull with just the Little Ladies Day Emote and we'd like to mix it up a bit. I only ask as the rules say you "encourage us" to utilize the emote, but don't give an answer on whether or not all participants in a single screenshot need to be using it or just a few? Thanks in advance!
We would primarily like to see how you use the Songbirds' dance moves but if you want to spice it up with other emotes, we'd like to see what you got to compliment their steps, too!

Sainya's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by SainyaView Post
If there's multiple people in it in the background but you and your friends are the ones listed only, will it get disqualified? I wanna use this one at MGS but i don't know all those people in the background. and I don't wanna post my screenshot here because i don't want my idea to get stolen
As the rules state:

  • The screenshots should contain a minimum of one (1) player and a maximum of eight (8) players.
  • Characters listed as being present in the screenshot must be visible
As long as your screenshot abides by these rules, you should be good to go!

NekuSanura's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by NekuSanuraView Post
i have a question, would I still be able to enter the contest?

My account is NA and I am from the USA but I recently moved over seas a couple years ago. Am I still able to participate?
This is what is stated for eligibility in our rules:


Thank you all for your inquiries!

As a friendly reminder, we would highly recommend reading through the official contest rules found here for further questions you may have before your debut!
Greetings adventurers,

Thank you for sharing your feedback in regards to the FATEs Darkscale Descendeth, Darkscale Disappeareth and Darkscale Devoureth. The dev. team is aware of the concerns regarding large-scale FATEs being difficult to challenge for smaller parties, and are looking into this to see if any adjustments can be made.

Please continue to share any feedback you may have, and rest assured that we will pass your thoughts along to the team!
Vedrfolnir / Darkscale fate
38 posts  -  14,337 views
Sakuraluna's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by SakuralunaView Post
So if you use multiple players, would they each get a reward if you won?
Hello Sakuraluna,

Our rules state the following:
  • All in-game prize items will be delivered to the characters listed on the entrants’ listed participants within their entry.
  • Only the player who submitted the entry will be receiving the physical prize, additional players in the screenshot will not.

Also, I'd like to give a friendly reminder that if you're not sure your post is ready for its debut, we encourage the use of this thread for practice.

We hope this answers your questions and we look forward to seeing you shine!
Grimmel's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by GrimmelView Post
So for those of us who bought all 3 livestreams; we'll be able to get both outfits but still have 4 Dream of the Fayth tokens left over.

Did they mention at all what will be done with the leftover Dream of the Fayth tokens?
Thank you for your support for the Fan Festival 2016-2017 live streams!

There are no plans to add other items to the Dream of the Fayth exchange as these are intended to be gifts for those that attended, or watched, the Fan Festival events.
We leave it to the each player to decide if they'd like to hold onto the leftover items as keepsakes or to discard them.
Extra Dream of the Fayth
54 posts  -  23,664 views
Have you been chasing your time in the limelight?
Seeking to have the audience transfixed by your every move?
Then step up and show the realm your inner superstar and showcase the essence of what makes you shine brightest!

Take part in the Bright-Eyed Superstars contest for a chance at great prizes and fame!
Take wonderful screenshots of your performance, whether you’re a solo act or part of an entourage, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Contest Entry Period
Friday, March 03, 2017 at 12:01 a.m. (Pacific Time) to Friday, March 17, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. (Pacific Time)

Take a screenshot of up to eight (8) of your most cherished companions as you show off your most glamourous side to dazzle all of Eorzea!

Up to 50 winners will be selected from the North America region from qualifying entries and awarded with the prizes listed below.

One (1) in-game item of your choice from the selection below:
  • Scarf of Wondrous Wit
  • Ahriman Choker
  • Mandragora Choker
  • Bluebird Earring
  • Noble Barding
Name:  04scarf_02.jpg
Views: 22
Size:  63.5 KBName:  03Ahriman_Slant_1.jpg
Views: 34
Size:  78.3 KBName:  mandora_001.jpg
Views: 34
Size:  59.8 KBName:  BlueBird01.jpg
Views: 26
Size:  56.1 KBName:  NobleBarding.jpg
Views: 29
Size:  77.9 KB

From these 50 winners, up to three (3) will be selected as Grand Prize winners and awarded one (1) set of three (3) TAITO figurines of the following characters:
  • Y’shtola
  • Haurchefant
  • Paissa
Name:  Y'shtola.jpg
Views: 34
Size:  52.1 KBName:  Haurchefant.jpg
Views: 27
Size:  52.8 KBName:  Paissa.jpg
Views: 28
Size:  40.9 KB

These will be included in addition to their choice of one (1) in-game item.

*All in-game items are virtual items and have no real world monetary value.
*All in-game prize items will be delivered to the characters listed on the entrants’ listed participants within their entry.
*Please note that only the player who submitted the entry will be receiving the physical prize, additional players in the screenshot will not.
*Please note that prizes are transferable only to characters under the same service account of the players who enter the contest.

How to Enter
Submit a Little Ladies’ Day event related screenshot that contains the following:
  • One (1) to eight (8) players within a single screenshot.
  • We highly encourage the use of the new /grouppose command features to get the proper camera angles and camera effects you would like for these screenshots.
  • We would like to encourage utilizing the Little Ladies’ Day attire sets and emote.
  • We also encourage the use of Seasonal Miscellany-type items, as well as variance in camera angles, levels, distance, and terrain for originality in composition.

You may practice submitting and formatting your post in the practice/discussion thread here.
Once you are ready, please submit your screenshot in the OFFICIAL ENTRY THREAD.

Be sure to include the following information:
  • Your screenshot.
  • A short caption.
  • Character names of the player(s) in the screenshot.
  • Each players’ selection from the available in-game prizes.
  • *If no in-game item is chosen, an in-game item will be selected for you.

You must abide by the following rules and guidelines when submitting your entry:
  • The screenshots should contain a minimum of one (1) player and a maximum of eight (8) players.
  • One (1) entry per person. If multiple entries, containing the same character, are posted, only the first entry submitted will be accepted for that character.
  • Subsequent screenshots by players within an already posted screenshot will not be considered after the first.
  • Only the player who submitted the entry will be receiving the physical prize, additional players in the screenshot will not.
  • Entries cannot be edited after submission.
  • Characters listed as being present in the screenshot must be visible.
  • Prospective contestants must have a North America Square Enix Account to enter and must be in the US or Canada (excluding Quebec). Must be 18 or older (or 13 or older with parent’s approval).
  • You may use image editing software to crop your screenshots.
  • You may not use image editing software to alter, enhance, or add more features to your screenshot.
  • Normal forum rules apply to all posts within the contest thread.
  • Square Enix reserves the right to judge whether or not material is appropriate for public display.
  • Square Enix reserves the right to remove or take down any content in its sole discretion.

Forum Submission Rules
Inappropriate submissions will be moderated. If entries fall under any of the below categories, it will result in a disqualification and the post will be deleted by a moderator:
  • Any posts containing obscenity, vulgarity, discrimination, or any other offensive subject matter
  • Infringements upon copyright/intellectual property, personal credit, privacy, etc.
  • Counter to public order and/or morals
  • Submissions with content judged to be grossly deviant from the established theme

The FINAL FANTASY XIV North American Community Team will select winners based on creativity, humor, originality and overall execution according to the criteria listed above. Winners will be announced on or about March 28, 2017.
Bright-Eyed Superstars Contest (NA)
1 posts  -  37,630 views
Greetings housing enthusiasts!

We've seen some questions pop up since Fan Festival 2017 in Frankfurt where the new residential housing district, Shirogane, was revealed. We'd like to take some time to answer those questions here.
  • Can anyone enter Shirogane if they enlist in a free company that has a house there?
    Yes, they can. Any free company member will be able to teleport to the free company house located in Shirogane, so don't forget to set up the miniature aetheryte in your yard! However, please note that players who do not meet the necessary conditions, such as those that haven't entered Shirogane on their own, or those who have not purchased Stormblood will not be able to exit the housing districts to reach the connected areas!
  • How would one reach Shirogane on their own?
    You will need to progress in the Stormblood main scenario.
  • How would one be able to purchase a plot or an apartment in Shirogane?
    You will need to progress in the Stormblood main scenario. However, as Yoshida mentioned during the keynote, we're planning to make the purchase of land and apartments in Shirogane available after some time has passed since Patch 4.0 release.

We hope you're all looking forward to the new housing area! I know I am~!
Housing Ideas and Feature Requests
1,589 posts  -  323,197 views
Hello there! I’m Ella a.k.a. lakukisu and I’ve been working as part of the European Community team for several months now. I’ve been lurking behind the “EU_Community_Team” forum account, but I feel like it’s time to step out from the shadows. I’m the Community representative for the Nordic region and you’ll be able to find me here on the official forum, looking after English social media channels, and writing blogs!

Some of you may have seen me on the Fan Festival in Frankfurt live stream where I was the comic relief with the roaming camera.

Before I became a member of the Community team, I worked as part of the Public Relations team for FFXIV in the Nordics. Some of you may already know me from that time.

I love love love FFXIV and I main as a white mage.

I only have two rules:
1. Be nice
2. Ice cream for breakfast is OK

lakukisu (yes, it’s with a lowercase L because it’s good to be weird)
Hello Everyone! :)
23 posts  -  17,531 views

You beat us to the punch with the feedback thread! Awesome stuff!

We hope everyone enjoyed the festivities and had a fantastic time, meeting new friends, watching the keynote, singing along with the Primals and everything the weekend had to offer!

The bonus in-game item codes have been sent now, which makes it official – Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Frankfurt is complete!

Even though we'd like to think that the event went smoothly and everything was terrific, we are of course aware that there is always room for improvement and would greatly appreciate your feedback on:
  • The event itself
  • The stream
Fan Festivals are for the players and we want to make sure they are the best they could possibly be!

If you didn’t make it to the event and you’d like to feel like you were there, you can still get the archive of the live stream from here:

You can then watch and re-watch all the content (plus some extra coverage and interviews from the streaming booth) at your leisure and get the in-game items!

FYI, I’m Ella from the EU community team and as I’m getting my forum account polished and ready (lakukisu), I’ll be lurking behind this EU Community Team account just a bit longer!
Feedback and Thanks!
14 posts  -  17,414 views
Thank you very much! I hope you all enjoyed the Fan Fest and the Eorzean Question Time! I am closing this thread now.
Kukuluku's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by KukulukuView Post

I have attended the Fanfest in Frankfurt for the past few days and it was a really great time! So I wondered wether the price we paid to attend the Fanfest includes access to the Live Stream archives on its respective website?

Thanks in advance!

No, in order to access the live stream and the archived footage, you have to buy the live stream ticket itself. If you do have the live stream ticket, you can access to the archived footage after the event until August 31, 2017. I hope this cleared things up!
Greetings, everyone!

We'd like to share Yoshida's recent post on the topic of PVP premades and spawn camping.

Naoki_Yoshida's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Naoki_YoshidaView Post
Hello, everybody! I'm sorry it took so long for me to make a comment regarding this matter. FFXIV Producer/Director Yoshida here. First of all, thank you very much for all the feedback regarding the current state of Frontline!

I'm sure there are many of you that decided to try out PVP to obtain the Garo gear that was added in Patch 3.5.

With the increased number of Frontline participants, there are currently 2 major hot topics that many of you seem to be talking about.

First, static groups that work together and destroy groups that were randomly matched together. Second, groups that "spawn camp" (players that wait around the respawn point and repeatedly defeat opposing players as they respawn), instead of trying to destroy the icebound tomeliths, in the Fields of Glory (Shatter) map.

We hear numerous suggestions such as "separate the static group queue from the solo queue" and "implement something to prevent spawn camping, or make it so that there are no benefits of spawn camping."

Based on the feedback we have received, the development team is currently discussing how we plan to approach this matter. I would like to take a moment to share the general direction that we have decided to take based on these internal discussions.

Static Groups and Solo Queues
First off, regarding static groups. Like static groups in PvE, players in static groups work together by sharing information, tactics, communicating, and coordinating together. For these reasons, these group are naturally "better" than groups that were randomly grouped together.

Up until recently, PVP content consisted of players with higher motivation getting a group of players together to conduct in-game events, conducting heated discussions and providing feedback on the forums, as well as helping the newcomers by giving them advice. After the increased number of participants trying out PVP, we believe these PVP-core of players are excited and motivated more than ever.

Both the development team and I would hate to destroy the passion surrounding this community. Additionally, we would like to provide a place where veterans and newcomers can play together and have fun.

Therefore, we would like to keep the ability to queue as a 8-man party, but think of ways to prevent a whole alliance sized number of groups from becoming a static group. While we understand the casual feel of being able to queue solo, we also understand the fun of working together. We also have to consider situations where a player might form an 8-man group by inviting their friends or FC mates.

However, by synchronizing the timing of the queue with 2 other 8-man static parties, you have a good chance of forming a 24-man static group (8 x 3). These types of 24-man groups have such an impact on the game and will break the balance of a match. Therefore, we do plan to implement a counter-measure for this matter.

To go into details of the counter-measure, no matter how many people there are in your party, if you queue with your party, you will randomly be grouped with players that belong to other Grand Companies. Of course, there’s still a chance that you might end up being grouped with players from the same Grand Company, so we plan to make adjustments to the matching algorithm to try to prevent this as much as possible. You will still be able to select a Grand Company if you queue solo, so we understand the fact that there will be players that will try to exploit the system to group together. We will keep a close eye on this matter and plan to make adjustments if necessary.

While we understand that even 8-man static parties have a huge impact on a match, if the Grand Company is randomized every time, there might be a match where you might end up on the same team as the static party. We believe that this counter-measure is the quickest and most effective thing we are able to implement at this current time. We apologize to those of you that take pride in the Grand Company that you belong to, but this was the route we decided to take based on the current state of the Frontline matches. Thank you for your cooperation.

Additionally, we would like to take this opportunity to remove the specification wherein players lose their Adrenaline Rush gauge upon being KO’d, based on the skill gap between newcomers and veterans.
Spawn Camping
"Spawn camping" refers to those that wait around the respawn point and repeatedly defeat opposing players as they respawn. This one of the most hated actions in a PVP game. Generally, the best way to tackle this problem is by making it systematically impossible to do it.

In FFXIV, players that respawn will receive an invincibility buff until they enter they battlefield. This means that players were able to stay in the respawn areas with their invincibility buffs and attack players that are trying to spawn camp. However, we did not anticipate a group of 24 players to try to do this act to work the system and making it possible spawn camp in certain situations.

We discussed counter-measures such as applying a powerful buff to the players that respawn, and the invincibility buff lasting a short while even after you enter the battlefield. However, in the end, we believed that the biggest priority right now is to prevent 24-man static groups from forming. If we did decide to implement a powerful buff to those that respawn, we might end up new problems due to players finding new ways to abuse the new design. If we were to make a design change, we would like to either create multiple respawn locations, as well as apply some type of debuff to those that that get close to the enemy base. The only problem with systematical changes is that it takes a lot of time to implement.

It’s simply too difficult to tell the players to stop spawn camping due to the effectiveness, so the best way to counter-act this is to make design changes. We sincerely apologize for those that were affected by this issue, and for not implementing a perfect design from the start.
PVP content consists of actual players competing against each other. Due to the nature of fighting actual players instead of AI, players might feel even more satisfaction upon a win, and vice versa. That is the greatest aspect of PVP, but because you are competing against actual players, I believe it’s important to have respect for your opponent. I, too, enjoy PVP a lot and feel the necessity of providing an atmosphere where all players can feel the same excitement as me, as well as increasing the number of players that participate in PVP content. Even in real sports, the act of degrading an opponent is hated by many. We would like to put even more focus on this aspect with FFXIV, so it would great if you we can all of you to cooperate in order to create a better environment for all players.

This was indeed inconsistent and wrong, but has since been addressed in 3.5, I believe. Please let us know if you notice any other similar issues, though!
Inconsistency with Opal Bracelets of X
1 posts  -  25,638 views
There was nothing particularly complicated at work here, just a simple typo, which has since been fixed and should be reflected in the next update. Sorry about the confusion!
Error in the new 3.5 beast tribe dialogue?
3 posts  -  23,472 views
I believe this has since been addressed with a hotfix, but for the sake of formality, let it be known that it is so. Sincerest apologies for that!
Sohm Al (HM) Orchestrion scroll
3 posts  -  25,036 views
Ah, yes, there was a little inconsistency between the item names and the Triple Triad descriptions. We have since gone and standardized these IDs, and everything should be fine and dandy with our next update. Cheers!
No, but you see, "eyepacth" is actually an archaic spelling of... Nah, not really. Typo has been fixed and should be reflected with our next update. Let us know if you spot any others!
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Alas, this was indeed a typo. But it has since been fixed─or will be with our next update! Please look forward to it!

Latest Lodestone News

Announcing the Removal of the 14-Day Limitation on the Free Trial
Visit News Post - March 28, 2017, 10:00 am
We are pleased to announce that the 14-day limitation on the Free Trial has been removed and the adventure can continue for as long as you want!

Additionally, users who participated in the Free Trial but never upgraded to the full game will be able to continue where they left off with their account.
* Please note that we will be removing the limitations on existing Free Trial accounts sequentially after the maintenance has completed. If you are unable to log in right away, we ask that you wait a bit and try again at a later time.

Learn more about the FINAL FANTASY XIV Free Trial.

Be sure to take advantage of the Recruit a Friend Campaign when inviting your friends so that both of you can receive rewards. Now is the perfect time to invite friends to join you in Eorzea!

Peruse details on the Recruit a Friend Campaign.
The Feast Season Four Underway!
Visit News Post - March 28, 2017, 9:30 am
We are proud to announce the fourth season of the Feast has begun!

From now until maintenance begins to start the Stormblood early access period, players can fight fang and claw to compete in solo and party rankings.

When the dust settles at the season's end, players will receive special accessories for placement in the bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond tiers, with exclusive rewards for top-ranking players.

Proceed to the rankings.
New Optional Items Available!
Visit News Post - March 28, 2017, 6:35 am
New optional items have been added to the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station!

Read on for details.
Patch 3.56 Notes
Visit News Post - March 28, 2017, 5:00 am
Patch 3.56 brings the main scenario of Heavensward to a dramatic finish as the Scions confront the impending threat now looming over Baelsar's Wall. Challenging Alexander - The Creator has never been easier with its weekly restriction removed. And if you've been hungering for battle in the Wolves' Den, then steel yourself for the fourth season of the Feast. All this, and more awaits in the Far Edge of Fate!

View the patch notes.
THE FAR EDGE OF FATE: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack Coming this June!
Visit News Post - March 27, 2017, 10:00 am
The newest FINAL FANTASY XIV soundtrack is set to release on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, and features 50 tracks of your favorite melodies from Patch 3.2 through 3.5 Part 2!

Adventurers can play the music of Alexander: Midas and Creator to accompany them through their daily chores, or pretend they’re facing off against the Warring Triad when doing paperwork at the office, or listen to the haunting melodies from the Mhach series while finishing schoolwork! The Blu-ray features a robust set of special footage, including a bonus orchestral track recorded in 5.1ch sound, and first-production-run editions come with an in-game item code for the “Wind-up Nidhogg” minion!

Read on for details.
Patch 3.56 Preview
Visit News Post - March 23, 2017, 7:00 am
Patch 3.56 is scheduled to release on Tuesday, March 28, and will usher in the end of the Heavensward main scenario. What dangers yet await the Scions and the Warrior of Light?

Read on for details.
Invite Friends Back to Eorzea with the Callback Campaign!
Visit News Post - March 22, 2017, 8:00 am
Are you getting ready for Stormblood and looking forward to old friends joining you on the adventure? With the Callback Campaign, you can invite friends who are taking a break to come back to Eorzea from in the game! Meet the campaign requirements, and both you and your friends will receive special rewards!

Read on for more details.

* Updated 3/24/2017
Announcing the Gear Design Contest (Ranged Magic DPS/Healer Edition) Finalists!
Visit News Post - March 17, 2017, 10:30 am
The development and operations teams faced a difficult challenge when it came time to shortlist the gear design entries due to the sheer number of amazing designs from artists from across the realm. After many heated debates, the team has selected 52 designs for the Ranged Magic DPS category and 52 designs for the Healer category (for a total of 104 designs) to move on to the final round of judging.

We will select the grand prize winner and runners-up from these designs, and the winner of the grand prize for each category will have their design implemented into the game! Take a look at the amazing designs that we received from all over the world!

Peruse the shortlisted entries.
Visit News Post - March 16, 2017, 9:00 am
We've updated the fan kit with illustrations of Lakshmi and Susano, the two new primals debuting in FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood. Prove your devotion to them by adorning your PC and smartphone with their likeness!

Download the fan kit.
Regarding End of PlayStation®3 Support
Visit News Post - March 14, 2017, 9:00 am
Support for the PlayStation®3 version of FINAL FANTASY XIV is scheduled to end with the release of latest expansion, FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood. In accordance with this ending of service, PlayStation®3 users will have the opportunity to upgrade to the PlayStation®4 version free of charge via the upgrade campaign which ends on December 31, 2017. We hope players will take this opportunity to upgrade that they may continue to enjoy exciting new adventures in FINAL FANTASY XIV.

Learn more about the upgrade campaign.

Furthermore, on the weekend of March 18, 2017, automatic payments for 90-day recurring subscriptions will be suspended for players registered only to the PlayStation®3 version. Moving forward, we ask that these players please renew their subscriptions using shorter subscription periods.
Patch 3.55b Notes
Visit News Post - March 9, 2017, 5:45 am
Patch 3.55b brings a host of additions and refinements to the realm, including newly redesigned exploratory missions in the Diadem.

View the patch notes.

* The lists of achievements, new items, and new recipes for patch 3.55a have been added.
(Updated 3/22/2017 at 1:00 a.m. PST)
FFXIV Storms into PAX East 2017
Visit News Post - March 3, 2017, 9:00 am
The FFXIV team is flying eastward once again to attend PAX East 2017 in Boston! We’ll be hosting a special Warring Triad roulette with unique challenges to overcome and rewarding triumphant adventurers with a Stormblood t-shirt! Yoshida will be on hand to visit with fans at the booth and to host a Q&A panel on Saturday!

Read on for details.
Announcing the Bright-Eyed Superstars Contest!
Visit News Post - March 3, 2017, 8:00 am
Have you been chasing your time in the limelight? Seeking to have the audience transfixed by your every move? Then step up and show the realm your inner superstar and showcase the essence of what makes you shine brightest!

Take part in the Bright-Eyed Superstars contest for a chance at great prizes and fame! Take wonderful screenshots of your performance, whether you’re a solo act or part of an entourage, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Read on for full contest details.
Little Ladies’ Day
Visit News Post - February 28, 2017, 8:45 am
As the streets are painted in the sweet pink of spring and the fragrant scent of cherry blossoms lure men, women, and children from their homes, it is clear Little Ladies’ Day is upon Eorzea, once more. This year’s celebration promises to be one of the best yet, for three special girls are set to return to Ul’dah. As the Songbirds prepare to take to the stage and ardent fans flood the streets, however, things go terribly awry. With nowhere else to turn, the royal seneschal must once again call upon adventurers all across the realm for help to prevent Little Ladies’ Day from ending in disaster.

With promises of one-of-a-kind gear and new emotes as rewards, it may well be worth sticking around to lend a hand.

Read on for details.
The Feast Season Three Results Are In!
Visit News Post - February 28, 2017, 8:30 am
The competition was fierce, but at last, we have declared the winners of the Feast Season Three!

Top ranking players will receive special rewards, so check out the rankings and see who clawed their way to the head of the pack!

Read on for details.
New Optional Items Available!
Visit News Post - February 28, 2017, 5:45 am
New optional items have been added to the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station!

Read on for details.
Patch 3.55a Notes
Visit News Post - February 28, 2017, 4:00 am
Patch 3.55a brings a host of additions and refinements to the realm, including the conclusion of the anima weapon story quests, a new map for the Feast, and the new custom deliveries system.

View the patch notes.

* The lists of achievements, new items, and new recipes for patch 3.55a have been added.
(Updated 3/3/2017 at 2:00 a.m. PST)
Visit News Post - February 27, 2017, 9:00 am
We've released an exciting new fan kit featuring illustrations of red mage and samurai, the two new jobs coming in FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood. This latest addition will give your PC and smartphones a great new look!

Download the fan kit.
FINAL FANTASY XIV Sets Guinness World Records!
Visit News Post - February 20, 2017, 10:30 am
It is with great pleasure that we announce that at the recent Fan Festival in Frankfurt, FINAL FANTASY XIV was awarded with two Guinness World Record™ titles: longest end credits in an MMO game and most original pieces of music in a videogame!

Read on for details.
Abes and High Summoner's Attires Exchange Coming Soon! 
Visit News Post - February 20, 2017, 9:00 am
To those who attended Fan Festival 2017 in Frankfurt, or watched the live stream at home: prepare to travel the realm in style. The Abes Attire and High Summoner's Attire will be available for exchange from Tuesday, February 28 after the release of patch 3.55a! Further details on where to hand in your vouchers will be available in the patch 3.55a notes.

Location: The Dravanian Forelands - The Hundred Throes (x 31, y 10)
Time of Day: Any
Weather: Any
Bait: Brute Leech
Type: Straight catch
Collectibility for Custom Deliveries (Zhloe Aliapoh): @ 75, 139, and 142
Comments: Snagging and Fish Eyes are not needed. Use Patience and Powerful Hookset. Gathering was 628 and Perception was 494, but may not need that much. Perhaps someone else can clarify the Gathering and Perception requirements.

Western Thanalan (23,19) - Lvl 15 Lush Vegetation Patch (Hidden)

Central Shroud (23,24) - Lvl 15 Lush Vegetation Patch (Hidden)

Teleport to Aleport Western La Noscea - Head North West towards Sahagin Landbase @ 18, 22

Western Thanalan > x15.1, Y29.3 The Silver Bazaar: Merchant Mender > Under "Purchase Tools

Confirmed. Great tip.

Échangeable contre des matéria V (craft et récolte) au PNJ Smacklix (Idyllée X=7.6 ; Y=4.8)

Purchased from the Mog Store!

This is no longer relevant. I've been farming them today and am getting upwards of 99 seeds in half an hour.

This is a really easy and cheap achievement to get by simply quick synthesising, which takes a single to craft. On my server Karakul Skin sells in bulk for 99-199 Gil each, so excluding the Water Shard cost this one only costs around 225k Gil to unlock from 0.

pos: Aurum Vale ( 6.9 , 7.0 )

Pop a 23h28 sur le serveur phoenix

The Dravanian Forelands ( 16.3 , 29.1 ) Z: 1.0

Same nodes as Eventide Jade.

just did it solo with chocobo it's not too bad really.

Item required for Zhloe Aliapoh's quest ; X : 4.7 Y :6.7 Idyllée

Item required for Zhloe Aliapoh's quest ; X : 4.7 Y :6.7 Idyllée

The Churning Mists. Weston Waters ( x9.2, y8.5) Bladed Steel Jig, Patience, Precision Hookset, 87 Collectibility

MIN (mining) The Sea of Clouds, Camp Cloudtop (35.0x, 31.0y)
BTN (harvesting) The Sea of Clouds, Ok' Zundu (23.0x, 12.0y)

Thanalan Méridional x:25; y:40

Bait: Giant crane fly Sea of clouds 17.1 6.3 Clear weather is best

Can be brought from Sctip Exchange Idyllshire ( 5 , 7 )
for 20 Blue Gatherer's Scripts 20 nq 50 hq.

Sold by vendor in Idleshire (X:5,9 Y7,2) for 100 Gil.

No longer drops in Dun Scaith as of 3.55a. Proto Ultima replaced the fight that used to drop this.

Obtained in The Diadem

Coerthas Western Highlands ( 36.5 , 6.3 ) Z: 0.7
Bait: stonefly nymphs
Small tug

Gives you stuff for completing certain achievements. Talk to him occasionally.

I had to do two leves to get this one to show up. I don't think it matters which ones.

If this doesn't show up right away, just do a random leve and it'll be there next time.

Stupid easy, especially with chocobo. Just remember the timer doesn't stop after you kill the minimum. Keep going until the time runs out.

Spawned at about 11:35EST.

Popped at about 11:30 EST, after Bush Blade ended without success.

Spawned around 8:15EST.

I just did this quest today (3-11-2017) and I can confirm that Kirito Farstrider's strategy works. Belias (Tristan's summons) was absorbed approximately at 75% although it might have been closer to 50%. After that Tristan was easily focused down although he did spawn a new mob twice after that but they were very easily killed off. I've read (and tried) other strategies that said to sic Titan on Belias then work on Tristan. This did NOT work (at least for me) but this strategy did. Good luck to all who do this next!

Fate Boss: X: 27.6 / Y: 19.6

Zentrales Thanalan

Fate Boss: X: 22.5 / Y: 8.3

Äußeres La Noscea

Drops in the Diadem via the Brachiosaur boss FATE.

Drops in "The Diadem"

Notorious monster FATE - The Diadem, X: 13.5 Y:20.0

Fate: "Opa lässt das Meucheln nicht"

Westliches Thanalan, Fate öffnet sich bei: X: 14.2 / Y: 6.9

Fate öffnet sich hier: X: 20.3 / Y: 30.9
Musste etwas warten. :/

Fate öffnet sich hier: X: 20.3 / Y: 30.9
Musste etwas warten. :/

Notorious monster FATE

Notorious monster FATE

Gefunden bei / found at: X: 25.8 / Y: 26.0
Kann sich im ganzen Nordwald aufhalten. :/

battle retainer venture lv.52

fishing retainer venture lvl 41.

Kann man durch Beschädigte Schließkassete oder Schließkassete bekommen in Diadem

BTN Churning Mists, Zenith 18.2, 27.8

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