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FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Updated (Jul. 29)

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"Greetings Dungeon Masters, In case you missed this answer from the latest Letter from the Producer LIVE (don’t worry, the full Q&A is coming soon!), we wanted to let you know that Yoshida said..."
Forum Topic: Please SE, no more crafting mat dungeon rewards.

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"Glad to see you enjoyed the Moogle Mail delivery quests, kupo! There’s more coming in the future and we will be focusing on various other NPCs that you’ll be able to learn about through this..."
Forum Topic: Thank you, SE, for the Moogle Delivery series

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"Ever experience a time crafting when you are at 90% and still manage to blow it up? Three times in a row? I know I’ve experienced some unlucky situations like this and thought to myself “Oh..."
Forum Topic: A Random Comment

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"Greetings, This was discussed on another thread. We will be implementing a feature that will grant the Free Company Master these abilities around patch 2.35. Please review the linked thread for..."
Forum Topic: Cannot abandon house/remove FC members with stabled chocobos or open chambers

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Recovery from Unicorn World Technical Difficulties (Jul. 26)

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"Contrary to belief, the response we posted was the reply that we received when we brought up this thread. While it is reiterating what was mentioned before, this is the current plan for these types..."
Forum Topic: Please fix dresses!

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"Greetings, At this time there are no plans to introduce any type of “Quick Desynthesis” feature that would automatically desynthesize items in repetition. The amount of time to desynth an item is..."
Forum Topic: Quick Desynthesis

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All Worlds Maintenance (Jul. 29)

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Regarding Actions Taken Against Illicit Activities (Jul. 25)

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As well as the Clotho and the 3 Mastercraft Demimateria, you ALSO need to trade in 5 Intricate Brocade (each requiring 2 ...
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South Shroud > Quarrymill > X:28 Y:22
Lina Inverse (Diabolos)    5hrs 12mins ago. view comment
I'd been fishing for an hour + with no luck, moved to 360 gathering (food), bam, instant pull. My guess is rain you go t ...
Sidonie Courcel (Coeurl)    6hrs 52mins ago. view comment
@punainen Personally I've gotten them from Waterside Exploration XIV ventures on my fisher. Not sure if it's exclusive t ...
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Upper La Noscea 11X,Y23 ( Oakwood )
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Where do these come from?
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Credit to Bearington for screenshot: Link
Mjollnir Axegrinder (Sargatanas)    12hrs 15mins ago. view comment
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Desynthed one into Venture token.
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